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Hello so i am currently have one instagram account in adult niche, and i just bought a massplanner with unlimited amount of accounts that i can grow .... So i am thinking what would be really profitable niche to grow ? Should i try and grow 10 more accounts in adult niche ? and let's say can i monetize it for at least 10-20 dollar per day on account, when account hits 15k followers ?
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    Here is my top 5 niche on instagram:
    - adult
    - motivation
    - food
    - luxury
    - artwork
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    hey Karolis Piliponis,

    friend your post beautiful also good, all person a new idea,
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    thanks to share.
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    Good idea but MP is done. Make sure your content is good and ask questions. You want comments and people tagging their friends etc. This brings them to your page which helps grow organically. PM if you want an alternative to MP.

    The more you learn, the more you earn!

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    I'm in a bunch of niches but some popular ones are fitness, luxury, motivation, beauty and makeup and there is no shortage of funny memes and funny video accounts who are always selling shoutouts so they are even making money in the funny memes or comedy niche. With funny memes etc you have a general mass audience so promoting popular products as an affiliate can work also.
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    well you can make money easily .. but you need to spend some time daily by creating super eye catching images posting... like other people post and interacting famous trending posts..
    you can send dm to followers with your marketing links or product .. if you don't have any product than go for affilate promotion with landing pages.
    as instagram directly not allow affilate links.

    if your account have real super people followers than you can earn money via shout out other people by just setting 5 bucks per promotion you offer.

    You need check first how much followers real or fake one..
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    Yeah I would say health , food , luxury cars or things like that. Nature , fitness is a really good.
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    dating vertical works pretty well for instagram traffic. we have a lot of affiliates with such traffic in our smartlink network. and their revenue is quite high
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    Sports, and scale down to one niche sport for example.

    My Business & Marketing Blog https://www.veloceinternational.com

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    Originally Posted by Karolis Piliponis View Post

    So i am thinking what would be really profitable niche to grow ?
    I'd personally recommend success / entreprenuership...

    There's such a large audience for that niche on Instagram.
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    I have also Instagram account I do see most of peoples are using Instagram with different different niches. Well I suggest you make shoutouts accounts. It will help you grow more...
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