My comments on Youtube videos are quickly deleted

by kaiweb
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Hello everyone

My comments on Youtube videos are quickly deleted, and no longer leave a comment next, so my Gmail address on the blacklist.

But on the other hand, I see that there are other people who have created an account similar to the account of some of the most famous artists and leave the CPA comments without blocking YT

And of course, this comment will have a lot of upvotes quickly, and it remains to the best comments

Can someone explain me, how do they do it?
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    Hey ... it's better you don't continue that route. Forget how they are doing it. If your acc is identified as spam, it's jst not worth of your time.
    If you really want to comment regd your offer, you need to be doing it as a genuine person and provide atleast a value & reason why someone should click ur link instead of following the video.
    Remember YT has smart comment filtering & also allows channel owners to mark a comment as spam. Yet times as a channel owner I don't even get notified abt something that YT identified as spam.
    Better way is create your own videos & upload them with proper info. Video creation is not hard these days.
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    I mark every comment on my videos with promtinal links as spam. Sorry it's just no cool to highjack other people's work.

    Learn how to start your own Solo Ad Business without an autoresponder or build a list. It's Fast Fun and Profitable.

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    Time is money so you shouldnt learn some "trick" like that. Its not worth!

    If you want to get traffic from YT comment you can hire people do it for you.
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