Where do I get content to post on Instagram?

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Hi Guys,

I am trying to implement the advice i got here on the forum.
So i am focussing on Instagram, but where or how do i get content to post.
I know what i should be posting, for instance, fitness quotes, but how can i make those myself?
If i search for it on Google i see a lot of nice images, i don't know how to get those.

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      Yeah but it isn't allowed to use images, which someone else made.
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      Do you have a link?
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    There are loads of apps that will let you easily create your own pics and videos. You just have to use common sense so for example I have no problem sharing and using other peoples pics when they seem safe to like memes. People use other peoples memes all the time and the smart people tag their work so when their content gets shared people can see who made it and go follow them. Also there are a lot of reposting apps that let you repost other peoples content and it copies and posts their account name and comment so it gives them credit where credit is due when you repost it to your account.
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    usa canva online service upload these images or use thier free collection .

    you can easily change these images editing ...
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    There are many online websites who allows you to put your own image and text and make new customize quote image for free, Hope you are searching for the same.
    Try out fotojet, pixlr.
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    Originally Posted by SupplementNL View Post

    So i am focussing on Instagram, but where or how do i get content to post.
    Royalty free photos + Canva.com will get you going in the right direction.

    Here's a few badass royalty free pages.

    1) Unsplash.com
    2) Pexels.com
    3) Gratisography.com

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    You can us Canva, they have tons of stuff you can use to edit a photo.
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    Try creating content with Canva for example, you can implement some free pictures from pixabay.

    My Business & Marketing Blog https://www.veloceinternational.com

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    These three tools works perfectly..there you can get many contents for Instagram.

    We launch your ideas to the world. https://iselectdigital.com

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    There are apps that allow you to do this. Search something like "apps for making motivational quotes". Cheers!
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