How to setup backlinks for my youtube channel?

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Hi, I'm new to Youtube SEO ! I've heard that backlinks can improve my youtube channel rank. Can you guys help me ? how to setup backlinks? are they effective? are they legal? .. etc
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    A backlink is just when someone links to your page from theirs, so yes they're legal and I'd imagine they'd be effective in improving how your videos rank.

    In terms of getting backlinks, you can search the forum to find tons of info on how to do that

    I'm part of the Warrior Forum team, hit me up with any suggestions that could help improve the forum!

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    The best backlinks are created organically by people loving your content so much that they link to it or share it with their network.

    It gets tricky when you try to artificially create backlinks (i.e. buying them off sites like or using tools to build them).

    Bloggers used to do this to game the system and rank higher in Google, but then Google came out with an algorithm update that wiped those guys out.

    Google owns YouTube, so I'd be careful about buying backlinks because their search engines work in a similar way.

    If you build artificial backlinks the wrong way then you can get penalized or possibly get your channel banned.

    The long-term approach is to focus on creating great content and having calls-to-actions to share or using content lockers to force social shares.

    I'm sure there are other ways, too. But that's my take on it.
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    If you want to improve your YouTube channel rankings in the long run you can refer to the following:
    + Invest in content for your post
    + Increase the index like, view, comment for video:
    *******If you want to self-experiment: Let's increase the above index by joining the
    *******Exchange community like youlikehit, addmefast, vagex ...

    *******Tips: Remember that the youtube video rating depends a lot on the average time
    ********Video viewer and total view time
    + Share to social networks:
    *****This is a very important step, share all the social networks you can, use
    *****Using tool and exchange is also a very good solution. And make a lot of like,
    *****Comment, retwitt, share those posts offline

    *****Using website bookmarking to increase the amount of natural visitors is also a good idea
    ******Good practice if you have enough time
    + Create cross links:

    ******Make cross-links between social networks by getting links from shared articles
    *******On facebook put on other social networks

    ********This is a simple model for building wheel social links
    + Implementation and testing:
    ****Do the work on a regular basis and increase by the day if you have the time
    ****Use the Rank Tracker tool to check your keyword rankings daily.
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    As peoples are suggesting to use tool for building links. So I think building links via tools will helps. Natural links give more value so try to build natural links.
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    yes, backlinks are important for seo, u can rank your video fast
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    i think backlinks for YouTube is not a successful way better you can try the natural links for your YouTube channel.that will help you.

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    Instead of thinking of them as back links just promote your channel online in the places where your audience resides. The byproduct will be links pointing to the channel. Some of them will be no follow links but this doesn't matter if they bring you traffic.
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    Write some catchy title for your video.
    Let your description be summarised and understandable to the person watching.
    Content should be great to watch and not long enough to get bored.
    Ask the user to subscribe to your channel.
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    Join FB groups related to your niche and post your video in that groups to get link and to rank higher
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    Title tag information
    Audience retention
    Keywords in description tag
    Video length
    Number of subscribers after watching
    Likes and dislikes
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    You don't need backlinks on YouTube, it doesn't works like that
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    This just done by spreading your links on the web. I suggest you read about gray-hat SEO to more on this
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    You have to follow some rules for ranking your youtube channel.\
    1. Title should be attractive so that people forcibly attract to click on your video.
    2. Thumbnail should be clear and properly design so that people easily understand what is inside the video.
    3. Content Description should be good, it should define things accurately.
    4. Also video must be good, don't make fake thumbnail for more views, Because may people come to your video 2 or 3 times wrongly by seeing thumbnail but it give very wrong effect,people are never like to come your channel again and again because by these type of things you lost the trust of viewers.
    5. Tags should be good and effective. Also think about the keywords which people search more and more. so that they can easily find video and you may get good traffic on your channel.
    6. Your channel must have URL or short name so that people can easily find your channel.
    7. Your video content should not be copyright . Otherwise, you got copyright strike and banned by youtube partnership.
    8. You must follow all the condition related to youtube partner program.
    9. Share your video on social media as much as you can. Because its give good traffic to your youtube channel.
    10. Link all your social account with youtube it helps a lot to get good traffic.
    Thank you.
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    you can try social bookmarking sites for this..
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    Getting backlinks to your YouTube videos may be a little challenging, but setting up a blog and posting genuine comments to other blogs in your niche, linking up to blog posts with your YT video embeds, that can work. Key is to build bonds by posting genuine comments on top blogs from your niche. Always make it about service; give value through your videos and blog posts, generously build friendships by helping out folks from your niche and you will get backlinks eventually.
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Backlinks are definitely important compared to natural links. Do try it yourself you will get to know.
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    YouTube is the very popular site for watching and sharing video, this is why here competition is very high to rank up a video or a channel. But some tricks might be very very helpful to do it, these are:

    -Use keywords, go to your competitor's video and go into the source code by pressing "ctrl+u" and copy keywords whatever added there. So take it from 2 or three videos.
    -If your video is interesting then there no need to use keywords but use of keyrds is good practice.
    -Share you channel in different social site where exist more user.

    -Share your YouTube content in Facebook, twitter, G+ etc places.

    -Reddit also works great, in gaming section you can put your link, that also bring more traffic to your channel.

    -You can make blog for your video, it can gives you more backlinks.

    -Normal video is not worth here so make it in a professional way.
    -Run PPC for your video if you want quick result.
    -Use keywords in title and in description, oh another thing is make nice description so that audience can read it and can understand what actually video about.
    -Definitely use nice thumbnail.
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    Here i have given the main four steps in youtube SEO process you should maintain these steps.The 4 major steps in your youtube SEO process are:
    YouTube Keyword Research
    Publish a High-Retention Video
    YouTube Video Optimization
    Promote Your Video
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    Like most members here are pointing to backlinks to rank and get traffic.

    I think the better way to spend your time is to gather a list of authority channels in your niche and try to comment on videos that are published by them.

    This not only gets you traffic but also build authority to your channel.

    Make sure that you have engaging videos published on your channel.
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