Why I'm not getting any views to my newly created YouTube channels: need suggestions, please.

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I'm not getting any views to my brand new channel in YouTube: I'm kinda confused. Hope, some warriors would give me suggestions and possibly judge/rate my video quality; Please note I'm not trying to promote anything here nor I put any affiliate links. I would like to hear your feedback regarding my video quality, if I continue with them or step back and reassess with my plan or something. I tried to make my videos as much as original as possible with some custom animations with my own DIY scripts. I am ready to hear any sort of negative comments or even harsh words if they are helpful and guide me to a whole new direction. Thank you.
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    There could be more than couple of reasons for this.

    1. Keyword Competition
    2. SearchVolume
    3. Your SEO (Including Title, Description, Tags, Filename, etc.,)
    4. Length of your video
    5. Usage of Custom Thumbnail
    6. Allow ads to appear on your videos(don't worry abt minetization yet)

    My knee jerk reaction would be to take a look usage of your keywords usage in your title & description.

    Alternatively, you can publish your videos in FB page to get some views.

    One other thing before I miss out ... check if your video is indexed on google already(generally it should b pretty soon), if not jst ping your video link using some services like pingfarm or pingomatic etc.,

    Regd quality .. make sure you have HD. Once you start getting views, you can work on Quality of your content using the metrics from your dashboard.

    Hope that helps ...
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