Hardly any Facebook ad clicks!

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I'm new to Facebook advertising. I launched a couple of ads the other day. It's hardly getting any impressions. I'm pretty sure that it's because my bid is too low. Facebook's asking for a bid of nearly £8/click, which is absurd. I'm bidding only £0.85/click.

Any tips on how I can make this campaign work? Should I try lots of different demographics? Is that the right course of action?

What would you do?
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    £8 per click ? That is too high!
    What is your niche?
    Note that, sometimes Facebook suggest high bid, but actually they will not charge you that bid.
    You can try a lifetime budget of £10 and make the bid automatic, and see how it will go.
    Also, create many ad sets with different ad copies. This will help you to get low CPC.
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    Facebook relies on people and marketers just like you. This is how they make money. The best ad spend is done by those who have learned to "beat" Facebooks complicated ad platform. I suggest if you are going to use FB as a source for placing ads, that you invest in some sort of training. FB has been doing a lot of revamping over the last few months, in case you haven't noticed. Your news feed looks like everyone elses now, Very few friends posts and full of ads that are placed by those who know how to do it well.
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    Get some training in FB Ads, it can be a gold mine.

    If FB is suggesting £8/click, then it must mean you're competing with some other high bidders for the same target audience. Same way as you'd try to do Google Adwords for the keyword "hosting", the costs for a click are INSANE!

    It's mostly a game of trial and error and split testing. Try different demographics, interests, get charged per impressions, per clicks, then per conversions; try images, try video ads, etc.
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