How should I monetize my Instagram account 40K+ in the gaming niche?

by Asstro
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Hi warriors,

Over the past year or so I've build a rather large following on Instagram in the gaming niche. (41,000 at the moment)

My followers are pretty engaging and I feel like I might be sitting on some money here.

My problem is I'm lost in how I should monetize this following. I know a lot of my followers are probably not that old, but I gain new subscribers everyday and better engagements.

How would you recommend monetizing a gaming account on Instagram?

Haven't really found any great CPA/Affiliate offers in this niche, but I know it's possible to monetize it in a different way.

I don't know if building a list is good with this audience, since a lot of them might not be using email that much because of their age.

Any tips will be highly appreciated!

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    The first thing that came to mind was CPA offers (there's usually quite a few targeted to video games).

    Aside from that, there's plenty of people who would pay you for a shoutout of their page.
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    I agree with what James said, tons of people out there who would pay for shout outs, team shoutout, challenges, or etc. Just gotta look around.
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    I recommend you to promote CPA with Game & Sweeptake niche offers.
    CPAGrip is easy to join for newbie.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for your input guys.

    I looked at G2A affiliate program, but the commission is ridiculous low.

    I will try to test out CPA offers.

    I'm having a hard time finding good CPA offers in the gaming niche. Can someone guide me to where I find some good ones?
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    Instagram does not allow monetization. However, you can pitch to agencies and brands to advertise on your page.
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