Best program for keeping track of all things "Influencer Marketing" related?

by akwit
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Thanks in advance for reading:

I am launching a retail product over the summer and a primary market of mine is Influencer Marketing, predominantly IG focused.

Managing potentially hundreds of influencers, keeping track of deliverables, sharing content, tracking coupon codes...all seems quite comprehensive and daunting.

Are there any programs/CRM systems that are particularly good with the above?

Any thoughts/recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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    Famebit for sure. I don't know if it will do all of what your looking for but it can do most of that. So I would surely say famebit you can download the app or you can just google it I use the platform a lot and really like it.
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      Thanks for the reply but Famebit appears to be more of an influencer platform as opposed to a software solution that manages the inlfuencer process/relationship.

      Further, there appear to be quite a few not so positive reviews online regarding Famebits "business practices".
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    Famebit I think!
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  • • Good programs for keeping track of all things related to Influencer Marketing are :
    o Mustr
    o Blogmint
    o Klear
    o BrandBacker
    o Upfluence
    o BuzzSumo
    o Octoly
    o NeoReach
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