Is there a market for instagram usernames?

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Similar to the market for high value domain names, could there be a possible market for taken instagram usernames?
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    That's an interesting question!

    I would not get into that, last I read its actually against Instagram's terms of service

    It says you are responsible for all activity on your account, and you "shall not sell transfer or license your account" something to that effect.

    That would be an interesting business though! I think there might be some stipulations in there for certain businesses, but for the most part, no, you can't sell instagram usernames last I remember
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    Yes, there certainly is.

    All you have to do is type the known keywords "buy instagram account" in Google search engine and you will get quite a lot of results.

    However, as it is against Instagram's Terms of Service, I cannot in good conscience tell you the most known markets.

    Rest assured, there are always a lot of people looking to buy a stat Instagram account.
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    Setting up an account is free. I think its in violation of their rules to sell accounts, but its possible
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