How can I scale my FB campaign?

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I can consistently start good ad campaigns, but have yet to really scale any.

From those 2 days I made 1 sale of $49.

Today the ad is running and has so far made 1 sale of $29.99.

I would like to scale into the 100,000+ impressions/day to see what kind of results I would get, but have been having a hard time scaling there. Sometimes it takes a few days to cover my ad spend, and others I make a decent profit.

I could use some help from a more experienced marketer.

What should be my next move if I am looking to gradually scale?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!
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    Are these cost per optins?

    It really depends on your audience size. If the audience is too small you will have a hard time scaling past a certain budget per day, but you can create a lookalike audience out of your data.

    But here is a good rule for scaling, if one of your ad is doing great, duplicate it and raise the budget a little bit, then delete the first ad. For some reason when you change the budget directly in the ad that you are running it seems like if all the data you gathered from your pixel goes to the garbage.
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      Thank you MValmont! I will try that today!

      I was currently adding small increments to the budget but will instead duplicate and turn-off the first ad to see if I can scale it easier. Thank you!
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      Great tip, never knew that
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    i know it might be hard to bump the budget for a beginner but from my experience, i only run Conversion ads and create 20 or more ads with different targetings all at $20 each. From there i start turning off the ones that arent working after 3 days. It does require a test budget, sometimes you end up losing a lot before you finally find that sweet spot.
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    If you have a good performing ad you can scale in 2 ways:

    1. more Budget per day
    2. broader Targetgroups / (for example bigger look a like audiences)
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