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how to promote a facebook page without any cost?
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    Befriend Facebook friends from your niche, via niche specific Facebook Groups. Answer questions in these groups. Build your authority. Some folks will click thru to your profile, and Page.

    Log in through your Page. Like similar pages and comment on Page updates.
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    There are certain groups in Facebook where you can join and ask people to like your page in exchange for liking their page. Please beware that there is a risk that you may get your account banned. Having said that, from what I know, Facebook hasn't really taken down these groups yet so for now, it seems like Facebook is turning a blind eye to this practice.
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    if you want Facebook pages promotion then you engagement other
    facebook groups and pages activity and do you post Facebook pages viral forum sites

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    Share your page on ralated group and invite your friend is still work anytime!
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    Network with people with similar interests and also visit similar pages, groups, etc
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    One quick thing you can do is invite existing friends you have to like your page (this could be useful if you have a lot of friends interesting in the niche your page is about).

    You can also invite people to like your page that have historically liked posts on your page.
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    I dont know if you should even ask that. I would suggest to just pay for it because you will get more likes relevant to your niche and it will be LOT faster to just pay for the ads than to spam fb groups.
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    hey there

    search google for facebook groups in your niche
    join 200-500 groups over time
    wait for group's exceptance
    post your content to all 500 groups

    talk soon
    sam f
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    You need to grow audience for your Facebook page manually. The more you share your page the more audience you will get and your page will become more famous.
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    Find users with similar interests and invite them to like your page. Join similar facebook groups.
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    if you want to promote your facebook page simply share your link as possible that many people can get to know about your page..
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    promoting Fb page is not so should share your page link to your friends and many groups..
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    One word, Networking. Look for facebook groups that can help you out with that. There are many out there, but be sure to have quality content so that when it grows big it will eventually sustain itself and be shared without the aid of other groups. You can also ask friends to share your page.
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    try sharing your site link with all...this will help you to promote your page easily..
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