How To Generate Traffic From Instagram?

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How Do I Generate Traffic For My Blog From Instagram? And If You Are Generating Targetted Traffic From Instagram Please Share How You Are Doing it!
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  • • To generate traffic from Instagram you should follow following steps:
    o Add a blog link to your bio
    o Place a call to action on images
    o Use appealing images
    o Use creative videos
    o Use relevant hash tags
    o Create exclusive and unique content
    o Be active and engaging
    o Have a strategy
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    1-Use the link in your bio effectively
    2-Use appealing images
    3-Use creative videos
    4-Use hashtags
    5-Share Exclusive content
    6-Be active and engaging
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      Originally Posted by Shoaib Khokhar View Post

      1-Use the link in your bio effectively
      2-Use appealing images
      3-Use creative videos
      4-Use hashtags
      5-Share Exclusive content
      6-Be active and engaging
      Is video more effective than a image include web URL?
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    To generate traffic from Instagram you need to do some very specific thing. If you need to traffic for your blog through Instagram then a link with your post as well as with your bio posted. Post those pictures which are related to your blog and attract your followers on your link. Use hashtags with your post , make your profile public from through people easily reach to you.
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    I had a same question few days back. This link gave me the solution:
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    This link will solve your problem.... Steps ae explained clearly
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    Generating traffic from Instagram on a blog is a bad idea for me. Since When you have a bog you have too many pages to work with and with Instagram you can only have 1 link so it cannot perform well in my opinion besides if you have products or service then Instagram can really go well.
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    Hi omeeishrak

    There are some point if you follow it properly, it definitely help you to generate traffic from instagram

    1: Add a Website Link to Your Bio
    2: Place a Call to Action on Images
    3: Include a URL in Videos
    4: Invest in Instagram Ads
    5: Leverage the Reach of Influencers

    Hope this help you
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    include url to your post. Instagram works pretty good for particular niches, so you should definitely go for it.
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    Instagram, at its core, is a photo-sharing, visual marketing network. So, in order to be successful on Instagram, you have to focus on creating a quality, aesthetic Instagram profile. If you don't have the drive or commitment to make a quality Instagram page, don't bother with half-assed content.
    Once you've identified your niche, develop a well-branded, captivating Instagram profile by having a:
    • Recognizable & Searchable Username
    • bio that is personal and encourages action
    • sticking to your content pillars (Behind the scenes content, User generated content, Product demos / showcase, Educational etc etc)
    Once you have put in the work into creating a well-branded, high-quality Instagram profile, you want to do everything possible to increase the payoff for all that work. There are several actions you can take to ensure every post receives as much attention and engagement as possible. The higher your engagement rates are, the more likely it is that Instagram's new algorithm will put your posts at the top of your follower's feed. You should ensure that you post frequently, post at the right times, and use a post scheduler in order to automate your Instagram and be more efficient.
    ONLY WHEN YOUR CONTENT IS GREAAAT is it worth it to pay for automation services and will you generate ample amounts of traffic. If your content sucks, following/ unfollowing, liking/ commenting will not be enough because you aren't giving people a reason to want to follow you. I personally use the business package to automate my instagram, on top of spending the time to make great content. The business package has an automated instagram pod- a like exchange, so when I was first starting out, it guaranteed at least 200 likes per post, so my engagement rates where great from the beginning which helped me grow faster. I have 100k followers in the golf niche after working it for a year, and have replaced my full income and then some. I love instagram marketing because while there may be a greater number of active users on Facebook, it is far easier to grow faster on Instagram and see results
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    • Profile picture of the author morenoh149 website closed? what are folks using these days to schedule posts?
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    First of all prepare a short description, use high quality images, drop you link and last use relevant hashtags.
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    This article helped me for driving traffic. Very clear instructions are given.
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    I've my own service that achieve such reach/impression.

    It's not that hard to get traffic after when you put your link in bio.
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    At first, increase your follower list. Then upload attractive image relevant to your niche.
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      Originally Posted by ashiqsmi View Post

      At first, increase your follower list. Then upload attractive image relevant to your niche.
      Believe me it is easier said than done. Is that the best you got?

      12BET | Live Casino Malaysia

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    No idea so far about Instagram. Sorry!
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    Besides what others have already mentioned, be active and get involved in discussions! That means to manually visit other profiles related to your niche (your target customers) and to Follow them, leave Likes and Comments.

    You can use bots too, but they are not as effective. It's much better to write genuine comments that are truly related to that post...instead of an automated "nice post!"
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  • Thanks Shoaib Khokhar..I think this information will help me to solve my problem..
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  • If you want to boost your Instagram. You can follow these simple steps:

    1. Post Consistently

    According to an average Instagram user posts once per day. Interestingly, users with a large number of followers post 2-3 times a day.

    This indicates that posting consistently gets you more followers on Instagram.

    2. Use Hashtags Popular in Your Niche

    Hashtags are incredibly popular and important on Instagram, more so than any other social network. By using the right hashtags, your content is exposed to a larger, more targeted audience.

    3. Use the Right Filters

    One of the first features that attracted some many users to Instagram was the fact that you could add different filters to improve upon your original photo.

    Instagram filters are still popular to this day. Using the right filters can lead to more views and engagement.

    4. Include Emojis in your Caption

    Here's a fun fact - Instagram reports that nearly 50 percent of all captions and comments on Instagram have an emoji.

    Hope this helps! best of luck!
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    Instagram is like Pinterest, next to useless.

    Stay with paid traffic.

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    Instagram a good medium to generate traffic from the Eye catchy Images. Only one image is enough Instead to update many images in the week. Include informative posts, emojis, hashtags, which surely helps you to get more traffic.
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    social bookmarking is best way to increage traffic.
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    Hi Omeeishrak,

    you can generate traffic from Instagram from following things:
    Use appealing images. Use creative videos. Use hashtags. Exclusive content. Be active and engaging. Have a strategy!
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    Here are the 7 ways to drive traffic with Instagram.

    1. Use the link in your bio effectively. This link should be used to send Instagram followers to the most ideal location. ...
    2. Use appealing images. ...
    3. Use creative videos. ...
    4. Use hashtags. ...
    5. Exclusive content. ...
    6. Be active and engaging. ...
    7. Have a strategy!
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    Try to focus on quality posts promoting your blog.
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    Originally Posted by omeeishrak View Post

    How Do I Generate Traffic For My Blog From Instagram? And If You Are Generating Targetted Traffic From Instagram Please Share How You Are Doing it!
    Regularly, post some beautiful images and quotes on your Instagram page. Then more and more people will follow you. After somedays, post the link of your blog.
    You will get lots of traffic.
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    8,000 views a week for an account with 800,000+ followers is incredibly weak, that's about 1% of its userbase, meaning 99% of it is ignoring it / not bothering with clicks. I'd be incredibly worried about that. But that's Nylon magazine, and something for them to deal with.

    Apart from industry case studies, have you personally seen much success driving traffic to website via Instagram on your own accounts / client accounts?
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    Content should be unique,useful and inserting ,creative video, attractive and informative image, hashtag .
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    Instagram is a pretty simple network from a strategy point of view.

    1. Post amazing content that drives engagement.
    2. Use targeted hashtags to broaden reach of posts.
    3. Keep the link on your profile recent and direct users to it using your caption
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  • Profile picture of the author always viral

    1. Invite As Much Friends You Can.
    2. Ask Your Friends To Invite Their Friends.
    3. Prepare A Posting Schedule and Stick to It.
    4. Add Instagram Likes Box on your Website.

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    you need engaged and active users on your instagram account. You do that by following people in your niche and commenting/liking their posts.

    Post content daily, Instagram is a very fast medium. Use software like Jarvee to grow your audience and schedule your posts.
    I sell backlinks on some of the most lucrative editorial websites in the world.
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    There are lots of ways to gain more traffic using Instagram, such as:

    - Here need to make more follower.
    -Make nice bio, by this way traffic can be generate.
    -Link up your site with bio, which can pass more link juice.
    -you can make video for your blog site, through this way more traffic can be generate.
    -"Call to action" service can bring more traffic to site.
    -Using hashtags very much important here, its works like keywords.
    -Invest some bucks on ads can bring more traffic.

    So using these techniques can bring more traffic.
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    I'll suggest you to invest in paid traffic & insta ads. Because around 75% of Instagram users take any action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

    Instagram's ads are the most advanced social media advertising platforms where you can just access targeting options. Now try Instagram Ads Platform by yourself to promote your blog by sharing images, posts, dropping a link, and call to action in your posts. If you want any help in building a perfect strategy for your social media marketing campaign you can find some threads shared in this forum for that or just DM me.
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    Hey there,

    As Instagram is all about sharing images and videos. You should share really good images that your follower is tempted to go and check out other posts by you. You should include links in description leading to your blog or website. The traffic you can generate also depends upon your niche. If it's like food or travel you will be posting relevant images and people love to see it but again it should be unique and eye pleasing. Hashtags should be your keywords which you are aiming at. Search for similar pages as yours and comment over there which also gives a way for people to go and check your page out the possibilities are low. So, basically, you have to pay really very close attention to your content you are posting. Hope this helps.
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    Usually I post image that come with offer and deal to pay attention to our followers. Because I sell t-shirt, I create image that come with coupon code with instagram words within it.

    For example, "25% Discount! Use INSTAFOR25 during checkout!"

    So far is good...
    You can try another ideas to pay attention to your followers.
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    You can generate traffic from instagram in so many ways. I have shared four best methods through which you can make more traffic from instagram for your blog.
    • The simplest way to drive traffic to your website from Instagram is by including a link in your bio.
    • Another simple way to drive traffic to your website from Instagram is by running an ad campaign. Unlike organic posts, Instagram ads are clickable.
    • Tag Your Products
    • "Swipe Up" or "See More" on Instagram Stories
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    For generating leads from any social media target audience is the most important thing. You should analyze the target audience for your product first.
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    Here are Some Step You Can Use and You Will Definitely Generate Traffic From Instagram.

    1. Run an Instagram Ad Campaign.
    2. Tag Your Products.
    3. Get Savvy With Your Bio-Link.
    4. Measure Clicks To Your Website From Instagram.

    Thank You
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    Increasing your instagram followers is the best and most important think for generating the traffic.
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    In order to generate targeted traffic from Instagram, you should do the following things.

    1. Put your blog URL in your Instagram profile
    2. Use outstanding images so that visitors are enticed to visit your blog site
    3. Write insightful content containing your blog link.
    4. Tag people while uploading images through Gramblr
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    use URL in videos
    invest in Instagram advertisements
    add a blog link to your bio
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    Sharing your link in bio and making a great content for your instagram page is very very important. Share your profile as much as you can.
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    There are online courses for free, the key is to learn!!
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    FB and Instagram can really give good generate traffic from Instagram you should follow the following :
    Add a blog link to your bio
    Add a call to action on images
    Use HD and relevant images
    Videos are really important.
    Use relevant hashtags
    Create exclusive and unique content
    Create engaging posts
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  • Profile picture of the author amit drabu
    Use absolutely irresistible images, use videos if possible. Also, use relevant hashtags according to your niche.

    It is relatively difficult to attract traffic to your blog from this platform, though.
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  • Profile picture of the author ryanbiddulph
    Hi Ome,

    I am finding offsite aka off profile work to play a big role in driving traffic. Like and comment genuinely on updates. Prosper.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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