Lets get real about social media and the decline of web traffic

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Are you aware of what's been going on in the world around you? In the last 6 month's Social media has become the new powerhouse for online entrepreneurship.

Think about the last time you went to a public venue, let's say, the movies. You didn't see anyone carrying their laptop to surf the net on the old outdated website that is collecting dust, no you saw every person sitting in those comfy ass seats, next to their friends, engaging with those same friends on either Instagram or Facebook, didn't you?

Here's another fact, those people that were sitting in those seats, were using social apps to conduct marketing through either video or snapping photos, and once they hit send, their unique HTML links were driving up potential sales.

Ten years ago large business owners and the dot-comers who had the money to invest, purchased insane amounts of web domains that were optimized to drive massive amounts of traffic through SEO, that's how they conducted business, and it worked.

Back then.

The old saying, "if it's not broke, don't fix it." With the rapid decline in users signing on with outdated, bulky computers, it's safe to say that, "it's broke."

Huge advancements in digital cell phone technology are the reason for the skyrocketing number of social media users online, every second of every day.

Instagram as of April 26th, 2017, has reached 700 Million active users! HUGE, right?
That would be unbelievable to many if we hadn't seen Facebook hit it's 1.92 Billion users worldwide, this year.

Our time as we live it right now is primed to be the greatest time in history to be able to make an income using the least amount of collateral available. Entrepreneurs who have ideas can almost effortlessly fund that idea within a few weeks via their smartphone.

Internet marketing has the ability to reach 100's of millions of people, to tap into those many users, takes timely action, discipline, perseverance and some luck.

If you hack the solution to gaining all this traffic, build me a how-to guide, please.

It's time for entrepreneurs and internet veterans to stop steering newbies toward creating websites for their first stepping stone in becoming an internet entrepreneur. Starting and growing a social media presence should be the main focus right out of the gate.

People are making money online without even owning a website and all from their smartphone, on services like Fiverr, they can log in via app and create videos for clients and send it from their Android.

The day will come when signing up for affiliate sites will no longer require you to have a website, (some users now, create a stand alone website just to have another point of contact and be able to sign up for affiliates) they will approve you based on your social media presence.

As of now affiliate links are approved by most social networks, understand though that if you are using ClickBait Links, most are banned, from Facebook for a fact. The Amazon unique links are not valid on Facebook, but users will use bitly.com or tinyurl to bypass that, and this allows for users to make money online when they have a large following, they share some products and get a commission doing so.

Now, users who have websites will use them to communicate, grab leads, and take advantage of even more dangerously declining email marketing with a professional domain email through Gsuite by Google.

Not all is lost with website traffic and the need for users to know SEO, it's simply time to understand what's going on in the world of the internet. I want you to succeed in your online entrepreneurship, it has never been so easy for a generation to make money selling services, or products, we should all feel fortunate.

The truth is, in order to make it big online it's important to keep up with the changes which means scrapping the old outdated dinosaurs and learning new social skills.

Crush It,
Unscripted Income
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    You provided some very insightful facts. As an 18-year-old, I can provide a more youthful perspective to add on to what you just said. It's very likely that as this social media platform value relization progress, the output of it will change as well. People will depict their friends socially by new means. How much social value can you add for me? Not on a reproductive or biological level as it used to be, but on a monetary level. There needs to be more research done with changes in abortion rate. If we see abortion rates goes up, it could be a correlation, not cause, of the desire for monetary desire. People are growing worried about the job market and noise is going to come for that. People are worried about their job being taken away. That's why I believe abortion is corresponded with the people who are worried about the job market in the low income to middle income range. They are the ones more likely to get an abortion because of the risk they belive in having that child. So it's very possible we may see a change of behaviors supporting materialistic gains and value over reproductional gains and value.

    This is important because we don't have any done research on this new social change and it can and will impact how marketing is done. There may even be a decrease in the need for creativity. Marketing may just go by "Hey all my followers, go and like this product page" or "Hey all my followers, go and buy this product and I'll give you a like on your page". This would be the result of the increase need for social relations instead of creativity.

    Anyone who is willing to comment or digress this thought please do so, so we may further this discussion.
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      Thanks, yes as mentioned, "I am not saying, throw away email marketing efforts and websites completely, that was mostly for the Catchy Tagline.

      I show on my websites that 67% of users are viewing through a mobile device, If I can lock them into a mobile friendly way of viewing the site, I'm sure the numbers will be outstanding.

      Hence, using mobile-friendly websites.

      Now, users are spending an insane 9 hours a day on social media and I believe that! If not more! Social Media is where all the chatter is.

      You can generate a ton of leads on social media through lead forms on your social pages, just as easily as your website.

      I'm willing to bet that more users are seeing and engaging your social platforms over a web site Unless your website brings in thousands of hits a day.

      We're moving in a different direction, and you're fortunate enough to get in right now. Now, learn all you can about websites, I'm not stating they are obsolete, just outdated, and more for storefronts, and business cards.

      How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media? [Infographic] | Social Media Today

      For alevashov Thanks, for your valuable insight and I have checked your link. In fact, I'll head over there again.

      Email Marketing Numbers are down huge drops. What like 7% opens or something, last I checked?
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        First of all 9 hours a day on social media is definitely exaggeration.

        You mix up time people spent on something with effectiveness for marketing.
        Just one example:
        How much time people spend sleeping? Probably 1/3 of their life (some more some less).
        Does it mean that we should try to penetrate their dreams and we'll succeed there?

        Regarding email marketing open rate, the last data I seen of open rate was 12.4% for eCommerce and 27.3% in average with 4.3% and 2.8% click rate.

        It is way better than Facebook Ads CTR (0.9% in average across the board and 1.59 in retail. Research reference - Facebook Ad Benchmarks for YOUR Industry [New Data] | WordStream
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    Can you refer to the some actual numbers to justify your opinion? And not anecdotal stories, but something based on wide sample size.

    If billions of people are using social media apps it doesn't mean that they care so much about brands and products there. People first of all use social media to communicate with other people.
    Less than 16% (Australian data) people indicated that they are following brands and search for products in social media.

    You may try to hijack it and get some followers and eventually sales, but it isn't that easy, and not always the best investment.

    If we compare email with social media from consumer prospective, in spite of all hype email makes more influence than social media according pretty recent research (reference -
    https://magenable.com.au/researches-...edia-vs-email/ ).
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      The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has collected data on abortion and it shows the rate falling, but that's because it is believed to be a decrease in reporting. Just like the research was done on the unemployment rate. It was reportedly failed, but that was because people stopped looking. And for stats on the other claims, I can't provide them because there aren't any ways of measuring them just like trying to accurately measure word-of-mouth.
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      • Profile picture of the author alevashov
        So basically you agree that there is no any data to support OP claims.
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    I still will not throw away my website. I still want to be in total control of my creation. Traffic can change. Recommendation can change. If Facebook or Google want to ban my social account, at least I still have my website to hold on
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      100% spot on. Own your data. Own your online property. Don't be a cow on a someone else's ranch, ready to be culled at moment's notice when their T&Cs decide you need culling.
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    • Profile picture of the author SocialMediaseoGO
      Don't throw it away, I still own mine, gaining traffic through User Intent.
      With websites you own your hosting and domain, obviously, you'll not lose that, unless an Internet bomb sets off and blows up the entire internet, In that case, rebuild or look for new ways of earning.

      This was merely an article to share how the internet has changed and staying ahead of the game will help business success in the long run.

      A lasting brand does not remain stagnant.
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    Big problems with your analysis.

    1. If you're in business, how does your business get found? Through Google. Google is the 'white and yellow' pages of today. It's where almost everyone goes looking for info. Websites (i.e. better with blogs, or unique blogs) drive the majority of business traffic. Google is pump-primed for rich content. Social media is simply another traffic driver.

    2. You don't own your followers on social media. Smart, savvy marketers will tell you that your own user data is your biggest asset - but you have no ownership of the data on social platforms. You do all the work, they keep your asset (data). You're just a cow on a rancher's property. Mooo...mooo. Start a website or blog, add a simple optin form, use traffic from social media to drive traffic to your own site and BOOM!! You're in control and building assets that you own!.
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    • Profile picture of the author SocialMediaseoGO
      True about Google, I own several websites. I use opt-in forms on Social Media. Warrior Forum has too many people that don't make money or generate leads, sharing information that they've gotten from others.

      Convert Social Optin, Leads, and Remarketing from Social to your website info, Make those users your's in case Social Goes down, and BOOM!
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  • Profile picture of the author Tony MC
    Yes, it's true you can make money online without a website. Just don't expect to go on doing it if whoever's website you on are decides to pull the plug on you. After all, Facebook and Amazon are just websites aren't they?

    Do you think those websites were all created by programmers using mobile devices? Some content will be, but it's hardly likely the program behind it all was.

    You seem to be one for stats. So how many millionaire marketers have you even heard of that do not have their own website?

    By the time taxes and expenses are taken out of an online income, I'd say it was pretty essential to be earning at least 6 figures a year for it to be your full time income. So how many 6 figure marketers do you know of without their own website?

    I don't get out much these days. So I've no need of a mobile device. I also find it a lot easier to read my 22" monitor than a phone screen anyway.

    As a desktop user, I'm quite happy that so many are on mobile. They are using the websites I create that they can't. They send me money.

    I'll grant you email is not what it was. It's only 9 times the volume of all combined social media connection sites now, it used to be 10 times the volume. For specific closed user groups, often used as internal comms by companies, then there are other systems that seem better than email; but for overall international reach, nothing has beaten email yet.
    See the link that Alevashov gives on his post here.

    I'll agree we are in a time of change, but for now a website and an email autoresponder used from my desktop is keeping me in the manner to which I've become accustomed.
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    • Profile picture of the author SocialMediaseoGO
      I aim to share info to those for their own knowledge and weed out the scammers that say they make millions online through websites when they don't.

      Thanks, for reading. As for websites, they're still around. Take the traffic from Social and convert them into your friends, grow a personal brand with them. Give free information, don't look to make money, look to share content.

      Too many people on forums saying, money money money, and not making anything. When you set out to help others on social media, it's a friendly interaction and they'll stick around.
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    Update: Use social media platforms as media outlets, share content, create friendships for your self-brand. Execute content, provide value.
    Generate leads from social media for your website and email list, to continue contact if the social platforms die out.

    Great insight below, everyone.
    Be consistent.
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  • Profile picture of the author marindependent
    Great Insightful piece.
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    • Profile picture of the author SocialMediaseoGO
      Glad you enjoyed. Read the update for chatter from the post.

      Take Care,

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    dude this was very useful post..it really help many of them...
    thanks for sharing dude

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