YouTube is on to you... and they'll punish you.

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Hey guys,

I've been using YouTube as a platform to create "edutainmentmercials." I made up that word. Basically, I've been using YouTube to create great content and have been converting those views into e-mail list subscribers by using compelling content to push traffic to my site.

I launched my first video in early Feb and it ranks above the fold for my target keyword. It was #2 for a good month and is my most viewed video and has generated a decent amount of revenue. The video contains a link back to my site. I generated a ton of leads, made sales, etc.

The other day I launched a video that I was SURE was going to do 1,200 - 1,500 views in the first 24 hours. I can tell which vids will do well and which ones won't within the first hour.

The video did about 200 views in the first hour and I was sure I hit a gold mine. I was sure I'd have it at 5k views in 10 days and things would be great. However, it sputtered and stalled out.

It turns out Derral Eves (not sure I'm spelling his name correctly) is right. YouTube will penalize you for taking traffic out of the YouTube ecosystem. That's part of the new algo update. YouTube is saying; "our advertising customers are spending money to convert eyeballs to sales, and if you're taking traffic off of YT to buy your stuff, it's less money our users have to spend with our advertising customers, so we're penalizing you."

The video I uploaded is right up there with my BEST vids as it relates to retention / engagement. My average percentage viewed is 54% which is above average - even for channels much larger than mine as many are LUCKY to get 40% average percentage viewed.

The average time viewed on this one is 60%, and 18% of all viewers have clicked the like button (HUGE), and the comments / engagement is high. But, it's "dying" a slow death.

Why is this video dying?

I included a link in the description which inspires folks to IMMEDIATELY leave YouTube and visit a link on my site. Due to the fact that I'm having folks leave YouTube, YouTube is NOT recommending my video the same way they are recommending my other videos.

YouTube is recommending my other vids that don't even rank well based strictly off of % of time viewed and likes / comments.

I'm not showing up in "Browser Features" (YouTube home page) for my subs and other folks YT may think my vid is a match for due to the fact that when folks watch my vid, they immediately leave YT after clicking my link.

It seems that between Feb and now, there's been a slight algo update which penalizes creators HARD for including links in the description or COMMENTS which takes folks away from YT. If your link is NEVER clicked... Guess what? YT doesn't care. But if / when 50% or more of your views click the link, you're video will be looked upon badly.

That being said, the QUALITY CONTENT (not ad) approach is key for generating traffic on YT and my BEST and vids which generate the HIGHEST amount of traffic include NO LINKS to my site in the description, or comments. I made sure to do that when I saw Mr. Eves lecture on ranking factors in 2017. I made sure my BEST videos, my BANGERS had no links anywhere, not even in comments and it worked great...

However, I talk about my site in the video and folks find their way(s) to my site. T

So, if you're looking at YT as a source of FREE traffic, USE it. I've JUST made my first $100 on YT ads after starting in Feb and have earned nearly 450x that amount from converting traffic to sales for the products I offer.

If you're using YT, focus on the content and talk about your site but do not include annotations, or links directly in the description otherwise your views will suffer. YT does give you the option to add a link to your site at the end of the vid - don't take the bait. If the damn link is clicked too much, you get penalized.

YT is making it very difficult for folks to earn money outside of just making money from ads. However, creating a channel to make money off ads requires you be rich before you start - it's the chicken and egg prob.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share before you guys go creating and investing time in making "commercials" for YT with links to your site and wonder why you can't get any views...
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    Interesting. I've never really thought that a link back to my site in the description box would be a problem, but I can see why they would penalize for it. Facebook has been doing that for a long time actually - my reach is always in the toilet whenever I include a link to my site in a post.

    I'm going to try leaving out the links for a while to see if that helps...
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      I can understand why they do it, but it's also offensive at the same time as it relates to YT. It's like "you will not make any money from our traffic unless we're the ones paying you."

      Everywhere you turn, it seems like things are set up to make earning a buck harder and harder. All the corps want us working for them in one way or another lol
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    This its the youtube game its risky ,sometimes they dont want you to make money on other things the youtube partner its the safest on terms ok keeping video live

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    Hi TheBigBee,

    You can thank Facebook for that change.

    Facebook has always penalized anyone, including advertisers, that try to direct traffic away from their "walled garden". Facebook will tolerate links that point outside of Facebook, but will penalize those posts and even paid advertisements that point outside of their walled garden. Facebook is all about making Facebook a success and treats you like the enemy if you are not helping FB become bigger and stronger than you.

    Now that Facebook has jumped headlong into social video, they are forcing Youtube to get just as aggressive at promoting the "walled garden" approach to social networking. Youtube is just trying to defend their turf against the hyper self-promoting Facebook.

    Facebook recognized early on that it was relatively easy to manipulate online user behavior by using psychological tricks (PSYOPs). They are essentially an online version of a cult, once you are converted to a religious FB user you are programmed to go out and build their user base, to provide content to FB for free (posting to your wall, replies, building fan pages), and to dedicate every waking moment to making Facebook bigger and bigger (viewing, sharing, liking). I'm not saying they are a cult, but they are very cult-like in their tactics, similar to tactics used in a military PSYOP.

    Since Facebook is threatening Youtube's market share, Youtube is forced to get just as aggressive to maintain their market share. Facebook has obliterated any notion of online privacy and that too is something that Google is being forced to concede. Google is no longer keeping data only at the aggregate level, to compete with Facebook they must violate every notion of privacy and open all that knowledge up to advertisers. It's now a race to win converts to build a cult-like following on the major social networks.

    The online future is all about mind control, and manipulating user behavior, only the networks that learn to master mind-control over their user base will survive.

    Don Burk
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    Originally Posted by TheBigBee View Post

    That being said, the QUALITY CONTENT (not ad) approach is key for generating traffic on YT .
    Thanks for all this! Quality content matters everywhere, doesn't it? And we need to be careful of bringing folks away from whatever platform we are on I suppose. That's really solid information for this platform... and all others! Thanks!!!
    Signature Risk! Apply expertise, serve people's needs. Get video skills...
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    Always best to focus almost all of your efforts on a self-hosted Wordpress blog You make the rules. You own it. And as for YT, it is an awesome platform for engagement and teaching but like any platform where we're renting/squatting, well, you know
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

      Always best to focus almost all of your efforts on a self-hosted Wordpress blog You make the rules. You own it. And as for YT, it is an awesome platform for engagement and teaching but like any platform where we're renting/squatting, well, you know
      My thoughts exactly.....

      This YouTube "change" doesn't surprise me... at all.

      ANYTIME you're using someone else's site, PLAN to have the rug pulled out from under you....

      It WILL happen....

      It is NOT a matter of IF.... It is simply a matter of WHEN..... :-)
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