How To Use Social Media For Promotion?

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I have a wide range of mobile apps. I'd like to promote these using social media. What is the best way of going about this?

I'd be grateful if you could bear in mind that I have no social media experience at all when giving your responses.

Many thanks,

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    You need to make post on social networking sites regularly & keep your profiles/pages updated to increase real followers.
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    You need to feature direct or third party content that highlights the VALUE of your apps

    Share this content on social media

    Create derivative format content (ie., articles to videos) and widen your reach
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    If you haven't started yet, then you can learn a lot by following someone like Gary Vaynerchuk. Basically, with social media, you have to post content that the people who follow you find valuable. Do more of this, and you will be able to get more people to follow your message and listen to what you have to say.

    Keep putting out content but make sure you're putting out valuable content. How do you put out valuable content? Figure out what your audience wants and put in the work to give it to them.

    Too many people think about what they want and never put in the time to figure out what the people following them want. Give them what they want, and they'll keep coming back.
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    hey there

    since you are a newbie ,, i recommend you start with facebook

    go there and open a free account

    also go to facebook groups and join 100 or 200 groups..they will allow you to join 30

    groups per day

    when you join the groups wait for them to except you into their groups


    what you want to do is to post your content to as many groups as you can on a regular basis

    face book will not allow you to post third party links on their website so what you must do

    create a free blog at or at your website use the blog as your landing page or squeze page

    if you are able to implement my recommendations then things should go well for you

    talk soon
    sam f
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      Thanks, Sam. You post was very helpful. I'd be grateful if you would clarify what you said about links on Facebook. I do not understand how people are going to go fro Facebook to my blog/website if I'm not allowed to post a link to it. Please explain this point.
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      Totally agree
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    Since you are new to social media, I recommend creating free accounts in the top three most popular SNS: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    In Facebook, there's an option for paid advertisements. You may also just post regularly and join groups.
    Twitter is almost the same as Facebook, you just follow similar accounts about mobile apps and they also have a promote tweet option.
    On Instagram, the key is to post often and make sure they really show what the apps are all about. Gotta keep the hashtags going too!
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      Totally agree, you may also consider having your posts scheduled or automated.
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    One way to get the traffic you need is to join groups in your product field then sent friend request to all member in that group, this will help a lot
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    Promote Your Business on Social Media

    1. Follow the one-in-seven rule.
    2. Ask conversation-starter questions.
    3. Share your expertise.
    4. Provide value.
    5. Enhance the rewards for virtual check-ins.
    6. Create a Pinterest board.
    7. Avoid syndicated messages.
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    Jono mate we do have a social media sub forum

    Cant believe Fratt called you a newbie

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    Don't shy away from buying ads on social media... maybe show them a video demo of what the app does and how they can get it.
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    Facebook is all about inter-relationships (if you hadn't already guessed it).

    You won't get very far doing promotional posts in groups or on your timeline. The majority of people will ignore them.

    What you can do is offer helpful advice and comments. Build a following. Answer people's comments on your posts. Suggest people PM you if they want more help or advice.

    Out of that will come respect and you can build your tribe.
    Free Home Business Cheatsheet & Video Walkthrough --->
    3 Simple Steps To Build Your Own Home Business Online - Click HERE
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    Originally Posted by John Marshall View Post

    I have a wide range of mobile apps. I'd like to promote these using social media. What is the best way of going about this?

    I'd be grateful if you could bear in mind that I have no social media experience at all when giving your responses.

    Many thanks,

    I assume, since you're asking about Social Media instead of PPC ads, that you're talking about organic social media, and not using Facebook ads.

    Who is your ideal target market and what kinds of Facebook grounds do they hang out in? Find those groups. Join them. Read the conversations in those groups and get involved in them. Not as a marketer, as a group member and a real person.

    If people get to know you as "one of them," they'll be more open to conversations about your app.

    I'd be more precise, but you didn't mention what kind of apps you're promoting. So, once you get to know a few members by having conversations on threads, you can message them with a "non salesly" message about whether they use ____ on their phone.

    Find out what app they use, and ask them what they think of it. As if you're talking to a friend. Whatever app they're using should have something which their current app doesn't have. That's your opportunity to offer something that gives them what they're not getting with their current app.

    Again, it would help to know what kind of app we're talking about.
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    First of all you need to grow audience on social media related to your niche. Then share informative information and get their trust and attention. Then you can promote your apps there and it will be very much effective. Facebook will be best platform for you.
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    You need to make some more interesting posts.
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    You may create some pages on social networks and write unique content about your apps, invite to it your mates or other people interesting in services that your apps can provide. Or may be you can use paid ads (as it is available on Facebook). You can also create a good article talking about your apps and submit it as press-release (there are several sites for free distribution by the way). Well, hope it can help you.
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    In these areas of social media, you can actually pay per click for visitors. Why don't you try that?
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    Hey there,

    There are plenty of blogs out there that will advise you on how to do so. Twitter is the platform i would recommend for doing this. It's easy to use and promote with and i personally use it for my own company. I hope this helps!

    A good way to promote your apps is contact people on Twitter to review them for free and get there feedback. This will allow you to improve your product and in the process build relationships with people who can help your apps.

    Also share your expertise on social media help people with your knowledge this will generate an interest in your product.

    One of the best ways to improve your social media is to stay engaged with your audience post regular updates about interesting content but make sure its relevant to your target audience.

    I hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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      No doubt it will build a great relationship with users but it will cost you huge time to make something big.
      Facebook Groups is the free way to go unless you handle everything without spamming groups.
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    Brand your profile to represent what you're selling without actually selling. Post pictures and videos on your profile that show that you're all about mobile apps. It's important that when people stumble across your profile they need to know what you're about and how you can help them. You can communicate your value indirectly with photos and videos on your profile that basically scream "I have mobile apps that may be of interest to you".

    Once your profile is setup properly, you could pay for ads, but your don't have to. The whole point of paying for ads is to get in front of your targeted audience quickly. The free way to do this would be to join relevant facebook groups and add influencers in your niche and start engaging in conversation with your targeted audience.
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    Thanks, everyone. I've been through and read all of your comments which have been very helpful. I'm still trying to get my head around this.

    I have several apps in different niches so I was wondering if I should create a Fanpage for each app? I'm not sure how these work, though.

    Will people who seeon of my fanpages or my Facebook home page be able to easily see all my fanpages?

    Can you form/join groups as a fanpage?

    Sorry for the very basic question but I'd be grateful to know.
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    1) Don't spam social network.
    2) Build your brand name by sharing some features on groups
    3) If possible spend money for ads on social media. They work well.
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    having a facebook and joining to 200 or more groups and posting daily to each group should be a good start. It should be the easiest way to do so.
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  • You can use social media for promotion by following simple and easy steps:
    • Build your channels
    • Build relationships with influencers
    • Identify your audience
    • Join in relevant conversations
    • Post engaging content with quality images
    • Join and participate in relevant groups
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    Few questions first:

    - What exactly are the apps you're trying to promote?

    - Do you know who the demo you'd like to promote to is?

    although all social media site's algorithms are trade secrets, there is one thing that does always seem to work and that's consistency. Post consistently, engage with your audience consistently.

    This has been something that has really helped me BIG TIME. Never missing a post is really important.

    Hope this helps John!
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    It honestly depends on many factors including but not limited to:

    1. Your targeted audience.
    2. Your social media niche.
    3. Your app itself.
    4. Which social media site you use (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc)

    We cannot give you a concrete answer unless you tell us what your app is about and what's your social media niche and what social media sites you use.
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      There is a good tool that you can use to share content, up to 50 networks, it`s called OnlyWire.
      That way you can guarantee maximum exposure in all social networks.

      Moderator's Note: Affiliate Links are not allowed

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    Two ways - One is brand building, the other is spamming.
    If you care about brand building, create your pages at FB, Insta, Twitter. Do daily post some interesting content. Obviously you page should have URL link to your homepage, logo etc. Every second to third post should be about your Apps, remaining posts can be generic informative posts.
    Advertise on FB to build brand awareness / generated downloads for your App.
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    Promoting your app on social media is really easy. There are so many communities around were you can promote. Just pick your favorite social media platform and focus on one thing at a time.
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    Put real review of your apps on social media site. Let the people know about apps. Ask for the review to people who are already using your app.
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    I'll suggest you to invest in Instagram ads. Because more than 75% of Instagram users take any action, such as downloading or checking apps pages, after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

    Instagram's ads are the most advanced social media advertising platforms where you can just access targeting options. Now try Instagram Ads Platform by yourself in promoting your apps by sharing images, posts, dropping a link, and call to action in your posts. If you want any help in building a perfect strategy for your social media marketing campaign you can find some threads shared in this forum.
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    Hi there!

    I highly recommend using to receive curated resources, events, tools, opportunities and communities just for you! If you are in need of social media advice, just type in "social media" or "social media strategy" into the search bar and you will have access to various tips, guidelines, and online tools that will hopefully be beneficial to you!
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    You can use social media for your promotion which will help you with your success. You can post on facebook, twitter, instagram etc to do your advertising.
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    Promoting Apps through social media is a good idea. You can promote your business easily through social medias. Here are the 7 tips by which you can promote.
    1. Follow the one-in-seven rule.
    2. Ask conversation-starter questions.
    3. Share your expertise.
    4. Provide value.
    5. Enhance the rewards for virtual check-ins.
    6. Create a Pinterest board.
    7. Avoid syndicated messages.
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    One of the first steps to starting a social media campaign is writing engaging posts on a frequent basis. These posts should be highly relevant to your viewers, but should also be fun and contain meaningful links. In addition to regularly posting on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, FourSquare and Tumblr, you'll also want to kick off your social media campaign with ads. Facebook ads and promoted tweets for desktop and mobile users provide nearly 10x the click-through rate that traditional web ads do.
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    Try to promote in topics that are sharpened to your applications. If for example it is a messenger, then in groups of communication, etc.
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    I would say take a look at youtube. Make your own pages for youtube, Instagram, twitter, and facebook. You know your products best so do not be afraid to talk about them or give our some free codes to people so they can try out your apps and perhaps write review of them on their blogs.
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    Hi John,

    I use Instagram for promoting our business and we are getting lots of conversions from Instagram. The trick is how to build your following and to target the right audience.

    The strategy we use is "Post quality and unique content (photos) AND engage with target audience " => "you will get followers and engagement back"

    Using this strategy our profile gained real targeted users which in turn increased our sales dramatically.

    I run a cool tool on my computer from and we are getting excellent results every day.

    Good luck!
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    I would advise you to use instagram for promotion. To advance in instagram, you can use bots. You do not have to advertise your profile manually. Also you can use popular instant messengers. For example, create a channel in the telegram.
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    Now through social networks you can promote anything you like. There is a huge number of sites. It is better to use the most popular ones, of course. Such as: instagram, facebook, twitter. It all depends on your target audience and on what content you are going to publish. Tell us more about your product.
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    The best way to promote anything on social media John is to:

    - promote folks in your niche on social
    - comment on folk's updates; related to your niche of course
    - help folks in your niche through Groups and Communities

    Friendships form. Social media buddies promote you, endorse you and buy your stuff or hire you.

    Always about giving aka serving which leads to getting aka making money on social media.

    Happy socializing

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    If you're just getting started, prepare to do things that won't scale. At the beginning, your goal should be a) attracting your first customers (even if acquisition is more expensive than the money you make from each client), b) receiving their feedback, and c) making sure they have the best experience possible. Here are some tips to help you with a).

    Do you use social media campaigns to engage with your customers?

    Social Media Marketing
    1. 1
    Real people make real communities
    Understand interest and relationships
    Strengthen relationships, attract and invite new members and share in conversation
    Content must become the topic of conversation
    Help your audience to achieve their goals
    Share information and ideas that are of genuine interest to your target community
    Choose right channel for conversation
    Different social media channels require different skills and technologies
    The right tools ensure that the right people take the right path at the right time
    Campaigns bring business meaning to social media programs
    Campaign requires a target community, a conversation and a channel to Spark word-of-mouth marketing.
    How to Build Social Media Campaign

    Get a Campaign Builder
    Identify your goals
    Select campaign types to match your goals
    Select features you want
    Find a potential platform that identify and match to complete all your above requirements
    Identify Your Campaign Idea
    Identify what you hope to accomplish with your campaign
    Listen to and get to know your followers
    Choose the best social networks for your audience
    Find the hook for the launch of your campaign
    Design and Launch
    Choose your campaign's name and duration
    Design your header image properly
    Consider the information you need in your form
    Customise your thank you page
    Add social share incentives
    Promote Your Campaign
    Promote across social channels where your audience resides
    Engage followers and campaign participants on social media
    Invest in paid social media promotion
    Share link of your blog and website
    Promote your campaign via email newsletters
    End The Campaign
    Announce your winner if applicable
    Followup is very necessary, choose the process of followup
    Study the results and use it for the future campaigns.
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    When deciding what information to indicate in your profile, think about who will see it. The information provided in the profile will tell about you, and even using privacy settings, remember that any information published on the Internet can be made available to the whole world.

    Necessary Steps
    Read the privacy settings of the site.
    Create business profiles separately from your profiles for communication.
    Be guided by common sense. Think about what you want your prospective employer or client to see when they find your profile online.
    Content Types
    By publishing information on social networks, be guided by common sense and make sure that the content matches your goal. One way to see what your profile looks like is to enter your name in the search box on the Internet and see what happens. If you have certain privacy settings enabled, some social networking sites will not give out the content of your profile, but they can give out photos of your friends and the contents of their profile that may be associated with you or display what you sent them, so it's always useful conduct a standard search and see what he will give out.

    Types of profiles
    Business - these profiles are designed so that potential employers or customers can see up-to-date information about your work and your best professional portrait. When creating information about business, make sure that it is useful and attractive for customers. Spend some time and think about what you want people to get from your online presence.

    Communication - these profiles are less official than the one you would put on a professional website, but remember that more and more of these sites overlap with your professional network of contacts, so never publish anything that you would not want to see your employer or customers.

    Education - using a profile for a class is one way to share information with students or to coordinate work and activities. Such connections are valuable not only during the education period, but can be useful in your future career, especially given the fact that many students with whom you often communicate can choose a similar specialty.

    Follow the site
    The trends on popular sites are changing rapidly, but the information specified in the profile will not disappear if you do not pay attention to it. Before creating a profile and adding information, make sure that you understand the conditions for deleting or changing the account on the site. Study each social networking site before registering, and see what other people say about it. In particular, learn about what level of privacy you should expect, how many you will receive e-mails and how you can change or delete the account. It is also useful to know about any incidents related to security breaches, for example, hacker attacks, and what you can do to protect your information.
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    First of all, this is a suitable content of course. Then focus on the audience. Well, the most important thing is everyday activity. You always need to upload photos and the like.
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    First of you need banner on mobile application and regular post on social media and share on group and pages
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    You can use your social media accounts for promotion by simply sharing your promotional product links on your page. This is really very easy.
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    So you like to promote your mobile applications? The best way is to work organically and paid advertisement simultaneously. Create engaging and industry related content. Tell people about the use and benefits of using your mobile apps. On the other hand run facebook paid advertisements for promotion and downloading of your app. You can use youtube for app promotion if you have the budget, As it is the second largest search engine after Google.
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  • join more number of groups daily in facebook and add your posts and share in that groups. facebook has providing paid advertisements. you can go through that. we can get more options by being a subscriber with a minimu amount.
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    I'll suggest you join various social media channels. By this, you can join various groups related to your products as well as other products. Keep on posting or replying or commenting in these groups so that you will get traffic which will be very helpful. You can join Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.
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    You should have accounts on different social media websites before you start your website promotion. You need to prepare engaging content for readers. So that readers inspired to read your content as well as visit your website.
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    Originally Posted by John Marshall View Post

    I have a wide range of mobile apps. I'd like to promote these using social media. What is the best way of going about this?

    I'd be grateful if you could bear in mind that I have no social media experience at all when giving your responses.

    Many thanks,


    Use Social media to post tutorials on how to use your app, You can use youtube, instagram and facebook for these. Note: instagram has a 1 minute limit to the videos being shared.

    Regularly Share posts relevant to your industry, to establish significance of your apps.

    If you have multiple apps, then it will be better to create different pages for each app. This will help you avoid confusion with the content being shared and target better on your niche.

    You can approach industry specialists to feature your apps in their social media accounts. (If your app is relatable to general public)

    Post continuously to engage, retain and gain more followers, cause more the followers the higher awareness is created about your apps.

    All the best!!
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    This time social media is the strongest platform to promote anything. To promote your app start with Facebook ad Campaign and opt for option Conversion instead of Traffic.
    Reason is if you chose conversion campaign Facebook will surely give you results for targeted audiences and you can make a sale.
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    1. Promote your products
    2. Update genuine content
    3. Create channels
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