How can I make my Youtube channel more popular?

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I have one youtube account.Am everday updated funny videos,social news, dubsmash and so on.but still couldn't popular my channel. How can I improve my channel? can you suggestion me
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      Thanks zavieracker,
      I agree what you are said,Even I have uploaded high definition video,tags and promote video on social sites.But i didn't get proper results.If you don't mind can you explain briefly
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      Yes, insert right longtail keywords in it.

      Note: Sentences started with "How" are the most popular and high volume of search.
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    Connect with your niche related channels.. And tell them to connect with you. You can offer them something. I did promote my channel on this way

    Hope it helps you
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      Yeah its really good idea @fbarlawyer..

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    Share Trending Videos on your youtube channel and good reviews, likes, subscribe is most effective for make popular channel.
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      Thanks for this awesome reply. This is really confusing though.
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    I suggestion that you makes English tutorials video.
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    Make sure that your content is actually engaging.
    If so then try and connect with youtubers working on same niche and offer to promote their channel if they promote yours.
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    If you want to promote your youtube page. So for that you need to your videos in right forums and groups. So that at the end of the day you content is placed in front of your target audience, and if they like it then they will share it in their friends and family members also.
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      Thaks for your reply @emilly
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    create good quality content and focus on latest and trending topics.

    you can also run a google adwords campaign for your youtube videos.
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      Yeah its more helpful for me. Thanks @anand
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    Well quality of videos its best ,if you look on youtube the most qulily videos are popular .Also learn to rank yt videos and when you will ranl your popularity will grow also
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    Try to reply more questions or comments of your fans.
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    Link your channel. Hard to know how to improve it if we can not see it.
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    Promote via Google AdWords with YouTube campaigns.

    Additionally: you can write guest posts on other blogs and ask them to embed some of your videos into the content.

    Write comments on related channels with your login details and some people will find you.
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    if you want to make your YouTube channel popular means then try to give good contents to viewers and make a catchy keywords as your video title and then share your YouTube link with everyone as possible and share in social medias like Facebook,twitter, Instagram etc.,

    We launch your ideas to the world.

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    Just upload quality content. Since you're on entertainment and comedy you will have to upload original content.
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    post interesting videos related to your YouTube channel topic...the videos should be unique and not copied....the more subscribers you have the more your channel will be famous and popular and while posting videos do ask viewers to subscriber to your channel to remain connected with your channel...also share your videos on Facebook twitter and google plus to get more views...!!!
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    maximize your engagements
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    Use power of social media and share videos on facebook groups and pages, but don't be just spammy guy
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    Join online forums, if you're a tech vlogger, for example, consider joining quality tech forums that are relevant to the topics you talk about in your YouTube videos. Then contribute to the forum conversations in meaningful ways and include a link to your YouTube channel in your profile or your signature (if available). Don't forget to add a great channel description to your profile, as well. Hope it helps
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    The most important thing you could raise YouTube channel's popularity is to give viewers great quality content! I can't exclaim this much more. This is very important ... And for yourself to increase views is for you to have fun and not feel content creation on YouTube is just a chore. Anyways, if you have those already then it is time to make your content an eye candy for viewers, this include annotations, thumbnails, YouTube links, banners, tags, YouTube Optimization in general, SEO, social media connections, fan bases, word of mouth, and advertising your content by spreading links to your YouTube channel to other platforms! These are techniques to increase views by making you more own in the YouTube industry. You could also buy YouTube views like buyrealmarketing[dot]com and also try to collaborate with other YouTubers! Also try other content creation ways to be more known like blogging, vlogging, and guest posting.
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    You have to follow some rules for ranking your youtube channel.\
    1. Title should be attractive so that people forcibly attract to click on your video.
    2. Thumbnail should be clear and properly design so that people easily understand what is inside the video.
    3. Content Description should be good, it should define things accurately.
    4. Also video must be good, don't make fake thumbnail for more views, Because may people come to your video 2 or 3 times wrongly by seeing thumbnail but it give very wrong effect,people are never like to come your channel again and again because by these type of things you lost the trust of viewers.
    5. Tags should be good and effective. Also think about the keywords which people search more and more. so that they can easily find video and you may get good traffic on your channel.
    6. Your channel must have URL or short name so that people can easily find your channel.
    7. Your video content should not be copyright . Otherwise, you got copyright strike and banned by youtube partnership.
    8. You must follow all the condition related to youtube partner program.
    9. Share your video on social media as much as you can. Because its give good traffic to your youtube channel.
    10. Link all your social account with youtube it helps a lot to get good traffic.
    Thank you.
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    One of the very first things to determine is who is your target market.

    When you identify who or what is your target market, it makes it easier to provide videos that they want to see, not necessarily what you want to produce.

    If you're "updating" or uploading videos every day, then at least you're being consistent, however, you might want to consider the following:-

    1. Are your topics diverse? You might be better off starting a new YouTube channel or more. This may also help you determine if you have more than one target market.

    2. Are you applying good, solid optimisation techniques i.e. optimised titles, clear, relevant thumbnail images; relevant keywords etc.?

    3. What social media platforms are you sharing your videos on?

    4. Are you asking viewers to "Like" your videos and to "Subscribe" to your channel?

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    A catchy title and thumbnail. Also, your content has to be entertaining and has to respond to your title otherwise your viewers won't stick around. So, don't clickbait them with content titles that you can't provide the content for.
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    Regarding your question, uploading videos on your channel daily is not a matter. You should use catchy caption and you should use long-tail keywords. And try to promote your YouTube channel on social media like Facebook, twitter etc. If you follow these steps then definitely you can make your channel more popular.
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    Obtaining more viewers to your channel takes time and dedication to uploading Youtube videos. Also, Youtube searching should show your channel if you typed in your channel name.

    Here are some things to keep in mind while having a Youtube channel:

    1. Upload frequently. You don't have to upload everyday but keep the uploads on a schedule that people can follow.
    2. Be original. People hate watching videos that there are already too much of. Originally brings new people to your channel to see your videos.
    3. Have fun to watch content. If your content is fun to watch, you will attract more people to your channel.
    4. Have a organized channel. Use playlists and section to organize certain videos.
    5. Upload quality content. Many people judge on if the uploader is skilled at certain parts of a Youtuber. Commentary, video quality, and originally can be ways a viewer can judge a video.

    Hopefully this helped you and your channel. Good luck in the future!
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