Wow, Twitter is letting me feel so excited! Now I can feel why President Trump likes tweet so much..

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Warriorforum friends,

Twiter is letting me feel so exciting recently! Now I can feel why President Trump likes tweet so much...

These days I have been trying social media like twitter,facebook,pinterest. I am a totally newbie.Before I ignored all of the social media stuff,thinking it just wasted time...From the end of last year,I changed my mind,feeling I had to try something new with social media and internet marketing,affiliate marketing...But I find I am not so passionate of learning new stuff as I don't want to learn anything new,just use my intuition to get playing with facebook,pinterest,and twitter without learning anything:just posting some good posts on them and waiting for people following me,liking my post,engaging my post... The following is my result:
I spent my most time and effort on facebook,I post so many funny stuff,but until now I don't get any friends automatically,no likes,nothing from facebook....Pinterest gives me 12 followers.While I spent least time and energy on twitter,starting last week within less than 5 days,I get all most 70 followers and some likes and retweet...

So I feel twitter community is very friendly,easy to learn,easy to use,easy to get can just use your instinct,you will always get followers,there is always some new followers popuping,make you feel so exciting!so addicting to it!It will produce some magic energy in your mind,your brain,your body, you would be producing strong desire and expectation:I want more followers...any new followers now?let me refresh my browser to see,see...and you would get to post new stuff on it,hoping to get new followers...the whole process would make you feel so exciting,let you feel you can not control yourself...

If you don't try it yet,I strongly suggest you try it,it is so simple,so easy and so effective to build your followers...For sure you will get the same feeling as mine...

Thanks for your attention to my post and have a nice day!

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    Hi imstarter2016,

    Yep, social media is great for socializing and it can make you feel good to be social. However, don't make the mistake of thinking that socializing on FB, or Twitter, is the same thing as marketing.

    Be sure to implement some marketing analytics software and measure the real value of you SSM. On average SMM contributes only about 5% of online sales. It tends to be marginal at best for most businesses, yet social people can feel really good at doing it. So be careful that you don't waste your time and energy on one of the least productive marketing channels.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some niches that lend themselves well to SMM, and some people that are highly charismatic on social channels can have a lot of personal success, but feeling good doesn't cover the cost of most expenses, that and $5 will buy you a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks.

    What matters is total profit, make sure you are measuring the true value of you SMM, and not just going off how you feel.


    Don Burk
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  • Welcome to the internet in 2017
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  • Twitter and FB are the good place to spend some time for marketing, and most of the people are in SM today.

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    Hai,This is the newbie's wonder...I can feel all of these social media platforms are very tricky and fully controlled...Yesterday at 5:00pm evening time,I saw I had 105 followers,then after coming back from restroom,my followers dropped to 68,now I have 127 followers,and this number stays for a several hours today.I think there are a lot of AI robots running behind the scene.As dburk said SMM was kind of waste(time,energy,money and passion) for regular people,It is not worth it...
    Do you agree with me on the saying:"other people's opinion can not help you to pay the bill".It is totally true!

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  • Twitter and FB play a very important role in today..These are such tools if you use them in a right way you then you will gain something new day by day...
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