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Hi guys,

a quick share here. recently I been looking for fb ads marketing course, and I tried a few and were not really fantastic.

However, I came across this Facebook Blueprint is created by Facebook company. Is totally free, and have all the in and out, up and down about facebook. Some courses like how does fb ads campaign work, a/b testing, fb terms and many more modules that cover everything related to Facebook.

They let you download a certificate for every module you completed which I find pretty cool. I already halfway through the course and I did learn a lot more things about facebook and some pretty cool features that can help my ads campaign. You will be surprise like me when you explore more about facebook. Is like another google have many different tools and features which not many people know unless you go do your own research.

So if you are like me trying to find a good facebook course, just give it a try for facebook blueprint and is totally free. Do a google search and it will show on the first result.

Is really too good not to share to fellow warriors.

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