Can I Have People Tag Another Business Page in a Facebook Contest?

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I know I can't ask people to tag friends to enter a contest on Facebook, but how about another business's page?
Here's what I want to do...
I design and import cuckoo clocks from Germany. My first design, my Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock, has done very well in a catalog for quilters. Being in the industry, I had an introduction to the buyer.
With my Backyard Birds and American Barn Cuckoo Clocks coming out, I have my sights set on appropriate catalogs (Vermont Country Store, Gardener's Supply, Plow & Hearth, Lehman's, and Sundance Catalog). I've submitted as instructed via email or mail. But I'm not sitting around, I'm looking for ways to get the attention of these catalogs.
If I run a contest asking people to tag the specific catalogs as their entry, am I violating any rules?
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