Can't seem to make any headway on Reddit

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Occasionally, a user with some decent karma posts a link to my website. I always get HUGE amounts of traffic from this.

I'd love to replicate this, but try as I might, I just can't seem to get karma. I've spent a lot of time on there commenting on posts, offering help, giving feedback on requests etc etc. But I've still only got 9 karma (+1 comment karma).

It seems that karma means a LOT of Reddit, and people who post with higher karma seem to enjoy much more exposure on their posts. I really want to replicate this, so I don't have to wait to get lucky.

I've read all the tips - concentrate on helping folk, don't be too self-promotional etc, but nothing seems to be working.

My account is 8 years old - for the first few months I remember posting a lot of rubbish. Then I dropped off and didn't use it for about 7 years. I've deleted all the rubbish from back then, but could that have anything to do with it?

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    Unless something has changed very recently with Reddit, Karma is, in fact, relatively meaningless.

    High link or comment user karma scores don't have any actual effect on how prominently a users post will feature on any given subreddit.

    While low comment or link karma can put you on a timeout in some subreddits, as far as post exposure goes, it has little to no effect. That is controlled almost entirely by the upvotes/downvites on a post and the time it's been up, depending on how you're sorting. User karma has no effect on the algorithm. A user with high karma gets no advantage over a user with low karma as far as the top/hot algorithm is concerned.

    Also remember, a users karma doesn't display unless you click into their user page. So within a Reddit thread, there is nothing indicating which users, OP or commenter, have high karma scores and which don't. So even within a thread, a user's specific karma number means little to nothing.

    Within some communities, normally the smaller, tighter ones, a Redditor's username might be enough to drive participation and upvotes, but that has less to do with that person's specific karma score and more with how they're perceived within the community.

    Reddit is a fickle place. It can be very, very frustrating. But when it works, it works.
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      Thanks for this. I didn't think karma meant anything, either, but my experience seems to suggest otherwise (every time). Perhaps I just need to give it more time. Have you had success with Reddit?

      Good point on the username, btw.
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    I have seen varied results on Reddit. In the beginning things went well, but the niche I am in became very competitive very fast and out came the paid trolls. I post a legit advert on there now, which as a maker of my product I am allowed 2x a week and the haters come out pretty hard. It's ok, it affirms our product is good enough to have haters, so it;s not so bad. It is very fickle. One thing I will say is stay away from paid advertising on there. I have caught them stealing from me on multiple occasions. What I mean is, they have parameters of adspend and times to show your ads. I usually cut them off at 11:00 pm eastern. At 2:00 am I have seen them blow through tomorrow's budget even though the ad should have shut off. Avoid paid ads.
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    I don't think karma plays a big role on a technical level but on mental level, people are more likely to trust your content if you have a higher karma. This is human psychology.

    Now, as far as getting traffic is concerned, I would recommend you to do some A/B testing and find out which days and hours you get the most traffic from reddit. Not everyone lives in the same place and there always a majority from a specific country that follow a sub-reddit.

    Essentially, what you want to do, is target that majority. It usually is from US, Canada and UK but it always depends on the sub-reddit.

    Make a simple research and once you are confident with the results and the statistics, post only during hours that will get you the biggest reach and exposure.

    I hope have I been of help.
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    really this is not a useful post...this is hard to understand both the question and the answer..
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