Do you have to have a Facebook fan page in order to run ads on Facebook?

by ncloud
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I'm not interested in creating and maintaining a fan page and trying to get likes and all of that. I'm just interested in paid traffic methods and was wondering if I could run ads on Facebook without having a fan page.

I'm also wondering if I need a bridge page if I'm linking to an affiliate product that has a sales video. Seems like the sales video would do the job of getting them in the mood to buy, so it doesn't seem like you'd need a bridge page. Is that right?

I know Facebook doesn't let you link directly to an affiliate product, but I've heard you can get around that with an affiliate redirect. Or do I have to have a bridge page?
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  • If you don't have a Facebook Page, you can still create an ad. However, you can only
    • Show the ad in the right column on Facebook.
    • Use a single image as your ad format.
    • Use the Traffic advertising objective, which sends people to your website.
    To create an ad without a Facebook page:

    Go to ad creation.
    At the Campaign level, choose Traffic as your objective. If you don't see traffic,
    click Send people to a destination on or off Facebook instead.
    Click Continue. At the Ad Set level, add details about your ad and choose your audience, placement, budget and schedule.
    Click Next.
    At the ad level, Choose Single Image as your ad format and an image for your ad.
    In the Pages & Links section, select Turn Off News Feed Ads.

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    if you have no fan page ,no problem you can run ads on Facebook
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    At the least, you need a facebook fan page to run proper ads. There are a lot of things in Ads that directly connect with your facebook page.

    There are many features of Facebook Page that can be useful.

    Like adding a sign up button on the page. In that you can put any URL where you want to direct audience of the page.

    You can make Image, Video, Canvas kind of posts.

    You can have a seperation between your content for marketing and your facebook account.

    There are many advantages. I was also able to get $0.5 to $0.4 conversion because of the facebook page.

    It is great. In case you need help creating one and tuning it, I can help you out.

    Hope this helps.

    Stay Focused. Stay Rich.
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    You can do that but it is highly recommended to have a fan page.

    Success is a CHOICE, not a CHANCE!
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      To get most out of FB ads, Fan page is necessary
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    Until you ask this question.... You have more time to create more than 3 Fanpage lol~
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    It's Okay if you don't have but there are things that you can't do without a Facebook Page.
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    To sell, you should have a fan page. Then the new buyer trusts you and buys yours. Do you buy from a completely stranger?
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  • You can continue without fan page... But then you will have limited options. It's better to create one
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