Fake likes on Facebook, how to remove them!?

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So my company recently took over a SEO project and part of the existing campaign was to increase Facebook likes. We quickly noticed that the previous SMM firm was sending fake likes and likes from overseas. So every single day you see likes from someone in India or Pakistan.

This is obviously not suited for my client who is in the USA selling a local service.

What is your best approach on stopping the incoming likes from overseas?
What is your best approach for "cleaning" out the fake likes?

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    Subscribed! interested to learn how also.

    suggestion: maybe make a slight change to the profile name?
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  • Go to your Face book page and click the Fans icon and select See All. The list you see only shows you up to 500 fans. If you see any fake accounts within this list of 500, click the gear next to the name and select Remove.

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    Since Christyjohnson has answered a part of your question, I will jump right in and answer the last two questions.

    What is your best approach on stopping the incoming LIKES from overseas?
    You cannot really stop likes coming from overseas.
    If you are worried about fake profiles liking your Facebook Page then simply don't use any SMM panel to buy likes.

    Finally, if someone else does that for you then you can't really do much other than follow Christyjohnson's advice.

    What is your best approach for "cleaning" out the fake LIKES?
    I would personally not bother removing any fake likes but instead focus on promoting my content to real people via other social media sites.
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    Page - Fan Icon - Select all - click the gear next to names to remove those names that are usually Arabic or suspicious name.
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    I have this problem too.

    What is the fan Icon?

    In the settings is country restrictions and you can enter in counties and the options are:

    Only show this Page to viewers in these countries
    Hide this Page from viewers in these countries

    Have not tested this, but if they can't view your page, they shouldn't be able to like???
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    Ultimately, you want to remove fake Facebook fans and avoid the Facebook penalties. You have a few choices: remove the fake accounts, transfer your brand to a new Facebook page or simply ignore the fake accounts.
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    I think you can report this to Facebook... If it's the same as with Google paid ads, you can report click fraud and get your money back
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  • You need to make your own decision in deciding which one could be a fake account....
    List of your fans can be seen from "Fan" Icon on your page. Remove them manually.

    Secondly, you can not stop some one from liking your page
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    if this problem occurs for then you should contact your facebook support center for the help they only can solve this...
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