Are there any agencies that don't charge through the roof for facebook ads management?

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My ecom business is doing very well but we just can't seem to get a grasp on facebook ads. We can generate tons of nice traffic but it converts at a very low rate and not in a positive ROI.

I've spent the last 2 weeks talking with various agencies that all have huge promises but they all want a large amount up front, then a monthly fee and percentage of either spend or sales. I don't want to throw 5 or 10 grand just to get started and then with everything else we would have to sell at least 10X spend just to be profitable on our ads.

Is this just the going rate or is it possible to find someone that does a good job and leaves some profit for us to keep growing?
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    Virtual assistants are the right choice if you are looking to reduce budget. Because they are offering you free trails and also does a good job when compared to any other agency. If you are not satisfied with their work you are not gonna pay them. Try out Habiliss they are really good in managing Facebook ads.
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    Free Trials are good, but at the end of the day, the person is giving you his time and energy, anticipating the project.
    Hiring an agency is a better idea because they work as synergy.
    They achieve this, the following resources that will work on the social media ads:

    1 - Social Media manager / Community Manager
    1 - Graphics Designer
    1 - Media Planner
    1 - Account Manager
    1 - Strategist

    This is what makes FB ads a success, having a VA does help, but doesn't get you the desired results.
    Try outsourcing it to Asian countries, Pakistan has a better taste for design as compared to India, Bangladesh or Philippines.
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    Hey there, so what you're hearing is about the norm except some of the pricing. There's almost always a setup fee (although that 5-10k price point sounds outrageous...) OR what I've found where they'll drop the setup fee, and just charge the first month's management fee which is typically $1500 per month to $2500 apprx. depending on the ad spend.

    Gotta think, if they're getting back a 5x ROI or 10x ROI (and I've seen much higher from our partners) then it's worth every penny.

    May want to look at how you maximize that buyer as well (upsells/ email follow up with other recommended products/ order bumps) to get more out of that ad spend.

    Happy to chat if you would like some help or need a connection.

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    Hi @theblur. I hope you get this resolved. Sending you PM with questions about your store.
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    Why dont you go to UpWork and post this question?

    You maybe will find a good social media manager.

    Firstly assure that you have facebook pixel installed for remarketing purpose.

    I mean: install your facebook pixel for CONVERSION, and then build a LOOKALIKE PUBLIC using either the public of your conversion pixel, either the mailing list of your active clients (you have one i hope).

    So you can easily find more people who's really interested cause Facebook itself would take care of it.
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    Just had a webinar with Charles Kirkland and he offers to review your FB ads strategy for your business with you for free. This is on first come first served basis, only 5 people next week. Check at


    How much do you value your time? We create custom, live enabled, verified
    Youtube channels that stick
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    I hate when agencies make big promises. They ALWAYS do. The thing is, they can't promise you anything and they know it. They can just speculate and tell you that you may get xx leads or xx sales but the thing is, no one can. It all depends on your product, landing page, offer etc. Some businesses don't work well on Facebook Ads. It's almost impossible to get conversions. Problem is, you won't know it unless you do it.

    What I would suggest is always trying to do it first and then look for specialists than can help you get more conversions. However, don't kid yourself, if you were unable to get a good amount of sales, probably no one can. You know your product better than any advertisers, they can help you maximize sales, define targeting etc. but they won't be able to magically make your product work on FB Ads. I have had some campaigns running with a CTR of 8.5 %, tons of comments, clicks etc. and absolutely NO SALES.

    As someone suggested, your best bet is remarketing. Without remarketing these days, it's almost impossible to see conversions. And I find that if you have a good community on your FB Page, you usually see more sales. If you don't forget about it, if your community is not responsive, you won't be able to make any sales.
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    Yes, It should be charged just for the time spent working on that like how Habiliss do. They have a calendar for my posts and it takes few minutes to do that job everyday for me.
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    thank you for the post dude..this was so helpful..
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