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Hell all. I run a website development and internet marketing company. I just started focusing on conversions and advertising recently. - I created a couple of targeted FB ads. One ad I have over 190 clicks (Traffic) 36 for another (Conversions) and 45-75 clicks for a couple of other geo-targeted locations. My ads seem to be doing well, copy is on point, images on point, tons of interested it seems. But it seems my website isnt converting. - Im not looking to post my website here. But is there any tips you guys can give me for FB ads -> Website Funnel -> Conversions.

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    If your ads are converting but your website isn't, it's a website problem. How can we give advice if we can't see your website? It could be a number of issues with your landing page:

    Pictures: Are your pictures high quality and correspond to what's in your ad?

    Price: Is the price too high, or too low? (too low indicates low quality, and depending on the type of item, can be bad)

    Content: Is the information on your website well written? Or does it look sloppy and incomplete?

    Layout: If you run a website development/internet marketing company, your website better look amazing. People won't trust in a company selling something that don't know how to do it themselves.

    These are just a few factors, but again, it's impossible for us to give truly relevant information without seeing the website.

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