How much would it cost me to get to 10,000 facebook fans with FB ads?

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Hello, I am starting up a facebook page for a beach resort, I will be shooting some professional videos to capture the beauty of the resort and want to promote the page using these videos and FB ads, how much would it cost me roughly to boost these videos and promote the page to get up to 10,000 likes? Also any tips to cut costs would be appreciated
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    It really depends on the niche that you are targeting and the strategies that you will use. One of my sites called 'FiveSok' gradually got to 20k Facebook likes in a span of 3 months. My total expenditure on ads was somewhere around $1,450 - but my target was in Africa. It would be useless to use those estimates to determine how much it would cost for your beach resort page; it could be much less or much more. It depends.
    UPDATE: We are now on 1,900 daily website visits in month 5. Here are the strategies that we've been using to scale (Free access). Let's grow together.
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    If you have a facebook page, I would pin a post about your site at the top. Then you can boost the post with a chosen audience within your niche. Also, make sure to only advertise in the newsfeed at first. I have found this most effective and it helps keep the cost down
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    will cost 140$ for 10,000 fans . You can try , i think it will enough
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    If you can create an attractive title and lucrative image on the particular post you promote, visitors will like your page and you can increase your fans rapidly.
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    I have a B2B Facebook groups which I have spent over $2k on and only have 500 plus likes. However it is highly targeted and each of the people in their could spend over $2k per month with me. So the investment has been recouped the moment a few people moved over and became paying customers.

    I have other pages with over 50,000 on that didn't cost very much to make at all.

    Like most people have said it all depends on who you are targeting.
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  • It depends upon your ad and where you want to promote. I mean what would be your target audience.
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    getting 10,000 facebook fans is not the matter..,it is about what ads you are posting and how you are going to promote it...
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