Possible Instagram attack by competitor, what to do?

by bleu
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My business name was banned as a hashtag by Instagram, I can't see any new posts made with my hashtag, I see the message:

"Recent posts from -------- are currently hidden because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines."

The community has reported? Is that an accurate message?

I don't spam, I have never even used the hashtag myself, only my customers have used it and it has not been used a lot. I never saw it being used inappropriately myself and I check pretty regularly.

Then I noticed another hashtag that is the name of one of my products was also banned. This one was only used 12 times according to Instagram and none of those 12 posts were inappropriate in any way.

Theeeen I asked some of my friends to check my posts and most but not all said that my Instagram posts are invisible to them, they just don't show up for any hashtag at all.

I only post once per day and I have never used any automated services, never bought followers, I've not done anything that I'm aware of to trigger this.

So I'm wondering two things.

1. Could this be triggered by a competitor? If someone gets a group of people together and reports a hashtag enough times will it get banned?

2. If it happens how do you fix it?!

Thanks for reading.
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