[From 'aha' to 'oh sh*t!'] Deadly Need Your Help and Advice in 2 Facebook Campaigns.

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Hi Everyone!

I am in deep trouble Recently I moved to live in a new country(Ukraine) and city(Kyiv) and deadly running out of money right now, so decided to find a good job in Social Media as a Marketer, unfortunately I don't posses any deep experience in that field, so that's why I am here to ask you for help. I know there are lots of good people here who help, so please if you have a possibility, stop for a while! I will be more than grateful for that.

I've applied for a new job as the Facebook Marketer, and the company gave me a test to develop 2 Facebook Campaigns from scratch, I don't have any deep experience in that field so potentially I can make rough mistakes. I have 3 days to finish that and I read a lot of information about Facebook advertising but that's not enough. I don't know where to start from and to get through it.

# Campaign №1

Develop a B2B Facebook campaign for incomland(dot)com. This is the crediting company( P2P invoice trading) which operates on Singapore & Hong Kong markets.

What they do: Peer to peer Invoice trading is the process where businesses (usually SMEs) auction their outstanding invoices via a centralised online platform to obtain immediate cash to boost its working capital. Otherwise the business will have to wait typically 30 to 120 days to receive funds when the invoices are settled.

In other words some companies buy the goods from manufacturers signing up the contract where they will pay for goods to manufacturer only after 30 to 120 days. The manufacturer(let's name it Apple) covers all the costs by himself at the first phase and the company(let's name it Citrus) who bought the stuff starts to operate and sell the goods for example. There's the third party(investor) who can cover the outstanding debts of Citrus before the deadline, but they charge their % for that. And the place where they invest money and buy those invoices is called auction.


1) To find the right audience to advertise this Auction on Facebook, thus making leads in the end.
2) The test budget is $500
3) Targeting Location - Singapore & Hong Kong

What type of the audience do I need, what are their interests, how can I accomplish that?
What's gonna be the best approach, because it's B2B strategy?
How the campaign should be set up?
How should I adjust my bid strategy according to my budget?

Possibly I missed something, you can add anything to my questions that will be great.

#Campaign №2

A Russian website which teaches kids the English, age from 7 to 13 years old. Teachers are from US, UK and Russia. Target audience - moms. Possibly here we can include parents overall. Website - allright(dot)io


1) Set up good facebook campaign for this type of audience - parents(moms are prevailed) with HIGH INCOME.
2) Pull out right interests, possibly make an effective sales funnel to cut(!) possibility for parents with kids under the age 7 and above to apply for that program or click the ad. We need here only kids from 7 to 13 years old.
3) Test budget $1000
4) Targeting Locations - Moscow & Saint-Petersburg

Same questions as in the last campaign, but here I can't fully grasp how we can make qualified leads, because some of the parents can apply to this program with kids under 7 and above 13... How it can be solved also?

And how it is possible to find out which parents have high income and which don't?

Friends, I really appreciate if you read through everything and wrote a post here in order to help me, I'm very grateful for that. Hope that I will be employed, thank you again!

Kind Regards,
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    Your answer i SIMPLE.


    you cannot realistic gain all these experience in a short period of time.

    Maybe you can find some tips here but you have to test it, etc, and it will result in ruining all your company budget.

    Which, ultimately, will make them fire you and possibly sue u the budget u ran out, when they realize that you have no experience in that.

    So better you outsource it: go to UpWork and hire a good marketer, post a thread there askin for a marketer, copy what u posted here.

    And yes, a freelancer has to be payed. BUT , did you really think to earn your company's money without givin anything back?

    It's not realistic.

    So go to upwork, which is the most professional site for this kind of work and find there a good marketer freelancer
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      The thing here is - they just told me to prepare some sort of marketing analysis and plan how I would set up those 2 campaigns. But like I mentioned at the bottom - mommies are not the issue, it's more than understandable that I should target high paid jobs, brands, high end things, interests in kids and so on.

      I am very concerned about the invoice trading audience, how I can find those people who use these services?
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    If you need to ask on here you probably shouldn't be working for them. I would suggest finding another role.

    I would suggest targeting roles such as "full time mommy", a lot of people have that as their job. Also people with listed kids. Also target demographics for mums, craft pages, baking pages, high end makeup brands. Fancy clothes stores. People who like expensive pages, women aged between 22 and 25 and 30 and 40 etc.
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      Why do you mean by " shouldn't be working for them" ?

      The issue here if I target the people with kids it just narrows the audience from 930.000 to 13.000.

      What do you think mommies use more instead of high end make ups, brands and other stuff? What Can I include in that?

      Also I have narrowed the audience by including high end jobs like - managers, directors, CEOs, government workers and etc, this step allowed me to double narrow the audience from 930Ts to 420Ts
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  • Hey! I find it odd that they didn't give you enough information about this invoice trading business's target market. It's basically SMEs in HK and SG but that's too vague. They're asking you to "find the right audience" to advertise to which shows an utter lack of research (which is bad) -- unless they insist their target market is really that broad -- all SMEs in HK and SG. You should suggest making this highly specific like SMEs in this kind of industry, earning this much, has been operation in x number of years... You can't launch an effective campaign without a good grasp on who they're selling their services to.

    As for the second campaign, I think one of the comments here already suggested demographics you can set. But I think because your target market is in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), it would probably help to launch your ads in Russian too. You can set all the targeting options on Facebook (gender, age, interests, language, etc.), but then again I question the target market info they gave you. How much exactly is high income in Russia? What are the interests of these moms (hobbies, etc.), the age range of moms in Russia with children 7-13 years of age... If you can ask them to give you more information you can use for targeting then that would be great, because otherwise you'd just be shooting in the dark. But TBH if you're a marketer they'd probably expect you to do the "research" on your own. Good luck!
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      Thanks for this really awesome reply. Are you open to teaching a fellow warrior? I'm gonna send you a PM.
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      Okay with moms is approximately clear, how I should accomplish that, I believe I am close to good start here.

      But invoice trading makes me feel confused, how the hell I supposed to find this right and small audience in HK and SGP ? Possibly, first of all I should find the industries which use invoice trading services, then to target people who work as the CEOs and other high positions who are responsible for taking serious business decision? Here I believe it's gonna be hard to include some interests or behaviour... idk

      Please shed the light again, your reply is very promising...
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      • Yeah the invoice trading business seems to be a tough one. Interests are relatively easy to target on Facebook (ex. Sports, movies, hobbies, other pages, competitors), but like you mentioned in another comment they're asking for a marketing analysis too--that means you have to do some research on your own as well on the behavior of your target market so you can narrow down who your ad is served to. I think you're on the right track with targeting businesses related to invoice trading, as well as CEOs, but maybe you can also target other key positions in the company like CFOs or careers related to finance? I'm not too familiar with this industry.
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          Actually can i know where I should get both of the marketing analysis results, straight from my head, only suggestions?

          For sure on the Internet nobody will tell you who is that person who uses invoice trading services - how should I make the analysis then? Where should I get that valuable info for this audience?
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          • I'm not sure but I think you really have to do the hard research. Information would surely be available from government offices like statistics offices and business bureaus. Which I realized is impossible because you're remote. But since you're only doing the research online, for credibility, try accredited research journals, theses, articles from top media sources... Or maybe try HK and SG's government websites? Also look into the competition if you know some, it would probably be an easier way to start.
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              I thought that it will be easy even with moms, made my audience, tweaked their interests, age and etc... but in the end I just got a ridiculous price for ONE lead - $23.73, that's damn crazy....

              The targeting options are:

              Interests: Motherhood, Parenting, Marriage or Family

              Interests: Tourism or Adventure travel

              Interests: Children's clothing

              Interests: Recipes

              Interests: Christian Dior S.A., Giorgio Armani, Coco Chanel, Prada, Armani, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Cartier (jeweler), Gucci or Givenchy

              Interests: Breakfast, Breakfast sandwich or Dinner

              Interests: Animated movies

              What am I doing wrong here? why the price is so high?...
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