Linking a FB ad to a free ebook giveaway landing page? Is that the way to go?

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Hi how's it going,

I have an eBook written, and just wanted to know the best way to set up the funnel. The goal is to give away the eBook for free, but then have them call and inquire about in person coaching. That means the FB ads would have to be geotargeted to the New York area.

Would I link the FB ad to an elaborate landing page with a download button for the eBook? Or would I link the FB ad to a general website, with one of those popups that says "Download your free eBook now"

The eBook is just the free offer, the product is in person coaching.

Thank you.
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    You can do that, you can also link FB ads to compelling content (article/blog post/video) that is closely linked to the topic of your ebook and then do 2 things: 1) Have link to free ebook offer in your content and/or opt-in forms that directly offer your ebook within/near content 2) After a week or two (once you have a few hundred to 1000 visitors) setup a Facebook retargeting campaign (this is a little more advanced but can work well because you tend to get cheaper costs on your ad to content and then get to re-target the leads the have already shown interest once and so will convert at a higher rate. I typically run both on my sales funnels.
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    Whatever you do, install a facebook conversion pixel on the page and use it to build a custom audience.
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    I saw Foundr Magazine doing something similar to this. They were launching a course but one of the prizes to the contest was an ebook, also a 1 on 1 Skype consultation.
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    Sounds good to me, it's targeted traffic and a free offer always works well.. You're onto a winning formula
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    Normally you would give away a free eBook to create a lead list.

    Are you capturing emails?

    Something to consider for sure.

    And then you're hoping they will call you for your services?

    People are people and most love to procrastinate.

    You may want to re think this strategy.
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    I love the idea. But do you want to do only in-person coaching where email, teleseminar, Skype would expand your market beyond New York?
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    I think Facebook does not approve ads if you are linking to landing page.
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    i dont think fb is supporting this...
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    i idea was great but dont know anything related this is enough..get many ideas as possible..
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    before doing this install facebook conversation pixel
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