Is facebook audience insights > page likes down?

by sdlive
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can anyone answer this? pls don't delete
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    Hmmm..I don't think so! Try logging in on using different browsers! Example... Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer...Etc.
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    pls don't delete
    If you start a thread in the wrong section - it might be deleted.

    If you ask a question repeatedly in several threads - the duplicates are often deleted. Sometimes there are no answers because no one knows the answer or because no one else is having a problem.
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    I'm going to work on being less condescending
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    I'm having the same problem. Clearing my cache and using different browsers has not helped.
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    Same issue here for about 2-3 days now.. It's probably down for some reasons.
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    Same here. It was working last week. Now it's gone.
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    I think It's not working because they are just fixing something with it.
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    there should be some issue in that,,,,
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    it always happens for am also trying to find answer for this..
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    There might be an update happening that's why. You can wait for a few days and try to check it again. I'm sure facebook is working on some update on its app again.

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