2 of my pins have 1300 and 1100 repins

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Hello guys,

2 of my pins have 1300 and 1100 repins. My Pinterest analytics says I have 24,000 visits per day from those pins, but my actual wordpress jetpack shows only around 100 visits, my adsense as well.

I paid on fiverr for those pins to be pinned in a large group. I understand that sometimes people just pin the image and do not visit the article, but why is my analytics showing 24,000 visits per day?

I contacted the support on pinterest but they are kinda slow and don't have any idea, contacted my hosting as well, they say everything is ok with my page.
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    Hi Pinissue!

    I haven't experienced this yet but base on your explanation, I have 2 hypotheses:

    1. Stats of 24,000 visits per day only happens on Pinterest account. Meaning they just visit the pin but not actually clicking the pin that will user in your website.

    2. Pinterest may have a special algorithm. If you confess that you use Fiverr to pin this on large group, the platform may have detected unusual activity and may have flagged your pin.
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