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I have a youtube channel with over 800 vids here that needs massive traffic boost, Does any expert know the right method and secrets that can give me the potential to double viewage, does anyone know anyone that can for a price?
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    Are videos offering entertainement or educational value?
    Encouraging the viewer to like the video will help reach and it should boost traffic a bit.

    Also do you have channels like website or facebook fan page to drive the traffic to your youtube channel?
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      They are world of tanks videos education and entertainment vids, here it is

      I was given this channel by someone who created most of the vids, need massive traffic please. Do you know?
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    800 videos and you still have no clue how to rank videos. Share more about your channel so that we can update you with proper methods.
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      Originally Posted by michaelkoehler92 View Post

      800 videos and you still have no clue how to rank videos. Share more about your channel so that we can update you with proper methods.

      I was actually given the channel by someone who sold it for low price to get rid of it, I know few options, but want to ask around first.

      I'm looking for a method to bring in massive traffic for as long as possible.
      world of tanks vids and some entertainment vids
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    Hey man,

    After taking the time to invest 12 hours into my latest YouTube upload, I went ahead an checked out your channel.

    My suggestions:
    1. Make BANGERS. Two OUTSTANDING videos each week.
    2. Kill the links away from YouTube. If you're going to link to stuff outside of YouTube have a very good reason. YouTube is penalizing for that. The days of using YouTube to STRICTLY sell / promote affiliate offers are over.
    3. Work on good lighting. In the vids that you appear on camera, lighting is bad. Use NATURAL light preferrably. Position yourself near a window FACING the sun (not your back to it) and / or invest in a ring light.
    4. Optimize for minutes viewed and average view duration. Try to upload BANGERS of 10 mins longer or more.

    I went through about 30 channels recently that have been experiencing MASSIVE growth and they all have a few things in common; they upload frequently, they upload HIGH QUALITY content frequently, they VERY SELECTIVELY drop links in description, and THUMBNAILS are amazing.

    YouTube is A GOLD MINE if you work it right. YouTube wants great content that they can use to make money off of, if you give YouTube that and they're making money off you hand over fist, you can drop affiliate links on occasion and YouTube will promote the crap out of those vids when you do.

    I SUFFERED a stall out (been around 3,700 subs for over a month) because my upload frequency went down, and the last vid I uploaded (before the one that's processing at the moment) had 90% likes vs. dislikes with 15% of viewers LOVING the video but I SHOT myself in the foot by dropping a link to my site in the description. I did get a nice amount of e-mail subs, but YouTube has killed the video and it hasn't had a single view in the last 24 hours (uploaded 3 days ago).

    I hope this helps!
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    having about 800 videos is not a main thing..but you should share the videos as many as possible by sharing your video link on other social media...
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