Sup gangstas, any advice for get more traffic on instagram (art-no profit page)?

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hi ladies and warriors, recently i created a instagram page for my art work.
for no profits, for only exposing my art, i noticed that avg followers i got
on any post its around 10 followers, but its pretty hard to me to complete
my drawings and upload everyday, so im looking for some good edvices/methods to get more traffic to my page, looking for some new methods, not the same old advice, follow others,like 100 paintings a day, wich im doing sometimes, i dont want to pay for followers,likes beacouse its simple not organic
tho i dont mind spend few bucks for good expose like feature page,any good advice for me?, im will be glad to know about, thanks warriors.
peace and prosper
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    Your drawigns are great, but I think may be problem with quality of your pictures of them?

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      thanks for your comment and im glad you like my drawings
      but my instagram page is not about business, just simple attract
      art lovers to my instagram page, thanks anyways
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    Yeah I would say you have a pretty good engagement rate with those follower count. I would suggest you to edit a few things like get a good profile image as it matters a lot Look at the brands how they craft it. That might give you an idea after that maybe get some sponsored post but I am not sure from whom you can get that since that niche is new to me.
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      yo thx for yo comment, im working on this right this days (illustrated logo for my page). about sponsored posts (instagrams sponsored post) if you talkin about somethin else il be glad to know about, anyways
      doesnt those sponsored post more be like be related to a brand?
      like music video or a t shirts etc brands?
      can it feet for just simple art?
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    you art skill is so great...keep going of luck..i hope you will get some information about your problem and solution to solve..
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