Could I get some advice for my teespring Facebook ad? Pretty please?

by TonyAG
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I recently launched my first Facebook ad that's gotten approved.

I'm targeting this shirt to people who love foxes. Problem is I couldn't find an interest in the interests search engine other than "Fox", which hopefully isn't confused for the FOX news network.

Is there a way to target specific Facebook groups?

Should I set my campaign objective to anything other than engagement?

My current budget is $10 per day, is that okay?
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  • I like the ad and I like how you've got the copy set up. I can't comment on the budget, as I've just starting out myself. However, you can target specific Facebook pages in some cases. I would type in the exact name of the pages you want to target and see if they come up. If they do, you can target the audience of the page. If they don't, it's not available (I'm not sure why some are and some aren't.)
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    You can upload your own database to Facebook if you have one so you're targeting people that you know are interested.
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