I failed to convert into sale while promoting on social media.

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I failed to convert my affiliate link into sale while promoting on social media.
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    Originally Posted by bizzinfo View Post

    I failed to convert into sale while promoting on social media.
    Well they did not like the offer or the prices was to high or maybe is was bot
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    It happens all the time. So what will you do about it?

    That's really the essence of marketing - figuring out what works and what doesn't and working to turn things around when they don't produce.


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    Were you generating leads or driving users directly to an offer?
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    I understand that you're frustrated, but your post literally has no substance or any direction for the many people willing to help you on this forum.

    What does "promoting on social media" mean to you? Did you buy paid traffic? Did you post in random groups? How much time did you spend promoting (not reading FB threads)? How many clicks did you get to your offer? What's your offer's Price Point? What's your offer's normal conversion rate?

    Most of the time, IMers, especially on this forum are just uninformed when it comes to getting things to work. They think 1-2 hours of work should always translate into sales, or $10 ad spend = 5 Sales.

    You have to provide us more information instead of just making a statement
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    You have to provide more information in order for anyone to help you. All I can say is that people go onto social media to interact, share interesting stuff, catch up on news etc. Hardly anyone goes to Facebook or Instagram etc looking to buy stuff. Maybe that's why you failed to make a sale.
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    It sounds to me like you failed to build up the much needed relationship.Before you make a pitch with a link establish the relationship first by addressing pain points of your prospective prospect meaning "solving issues."
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    Well you was had a relation with this social media acount ? If you just spam them or promote directly it will be hard to sell .Make people trust you first

    Admin note: Affiliate links are not allowed in paid user sigs

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    oh really...!i think your site should have spam contents..thats why it is happening like this..
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    this seems to be new for me...i dont know about this early..
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