Facebook which name can be used?

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to register an facebook profile account
(not the fb page who will setup later) which name can I be legal use for my facebook profile?

is it allowed to use a pen name- when yes, how to do that?

does fb allow to use my middle name?
Example real Name: Michael Romero Smith

can I use this for account: Michael Romero?

any tips how to do please.

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  • Yes, you can use your pen name too. Middle name can be omitted. Not a problem.
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    the pen name: must I filled out in facebook under the alternate name field?

    Middle name- so I should fill out only first and middle name in the name fields?

    But notice: for pen name or middle name: how could I make that so in fb settings, that only the pen name or only first and middle name show up when anybody search for it? For the search results I will hide that complete.

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    @InternetMarketingMasters: are you sure?

    I now have seen this page to create an fb account, see my screenshot picture in attachment.

    There are no middle name and alternate name fields. So you must register a new account with your real name on fb.

    See my screenshot:


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    obviously you can use your facebook profile name,those you think that indefectible. I think it's not a gordian.
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    I have a middle name and I will only use it so:

    example: Michael Middlename

    I will register on facebook (profile) only so: Mike Middlename
    not with my real full name.

    So when you see my screenshot it should not be possible....
    Question: how to do that for register on facebook....?

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    Use your Pen Name... It's fine
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    Ok, thank you, I will try to open fb profile with pen name.

    Thank you

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    Hi folks,

    is there a plugin who send an excerpt of my wordpress post with image an dlink to my site to facebook? Only excerpt, not the full content, the full content facebook users must read on my site (to catch their email address).

    But I wait always when my post is indexed in google- then I sen it out, before not.

    Any tips for such plugin?

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    this is not a big deal you can use your pen name..
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    in social media try to add your original name...adding different name is also not a problem..
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    adding name for your account is your wish you can give any name you want...thats not a problem dude....
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    You can use your pure love name, OK
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