Increase FB Page Likes? Advice is greatly needed.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for clicking the post. I recently started a college football chat blog, along with FB and twitter. I am looking to gain more likes on the FB page.

Do you guys have any tips on how to do so? Thanks in advance.
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    I would comment on some high traffic youtube videos. You know, people who like Football are going to watch certain videos and if you ask them nicely to visit or rate your page, you'll gain some traffic and new members to your page. Comment on lots of Football tweets. You could grab a cheap boost of likes from a place like microworkers, but those probably won't be lasting relationships.

    I came across your post as I was looking for a question about building likes on youtube, so I just thought I would share with you some of the things I've done that have helped me in the past.

    Take care!
    ETA: I haven't bought a boost from any site, but I have seen others requesting them and I have sent out a few thumbs ups here and there.
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    Focus on solving folk's problems through your FB Page updates Andrew.

    Also, Like relevant Pages - thru your FB Page - and comment on their updates.
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Can you tell us in details so that we are clear how to we can start Facebook paid advertise ?
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    You will start fb paid ads and you get more like as you want.
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    Combine the suggested ideas with engaging ua audience well on the page. Get as many followers in the niche as possible (this should be easy coz college football is a top niche). Keep them informed on the latest news, ideas, and some interesting snapchats. Videos will work quite well.
    Stay Healthy all your Life, and Avoid Lifesty Diseases Later in Life. Enjoy life to the fullest.
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  • You can focus on making you friend like and share you page. You can mention you page's link on different blogging, video, image sharing on related topics like football in you case.
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    The easy way to increase your fb page likes is by buying fb likes.
    The other way is: Start with inviting friends to like the page. Then ask your friends to invite their friends to like the page. Next, post the page in some groups related to your niche etc.
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    facebook is the biggest social network. You have a Facebook page and it is important to increase the page like.
    At first, connect with a lot of people that means you should make a lot of followers, invite more people to join with them.
    Ask your friends to like your page, you should make a good relation with them.
    Share interesting and highly informative posts. You can also share images, videos on your page. Share everyday time to time.
    Share posts on relevant Facebook groups. You can also share your page
    on several social networking sites.
    Thanks, Munna Hossain, Mytechgoal.
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    Did you tried using Like Box? It's a facebook plug in.
    Secondly, do put catchy images in all your content. This attracts viewers.
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    Simply post regular quality articles post, video post, interesting images that attract visitors. Do all these thing and i am sure you got millions of likes. Good luck
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    Don't even consider buying likes, if you've got some money to spare then you'd rather run a paid campaign. The number of likes you will get correlates to the amount that you will spend, but even a small budget of $5 daily can yield good results.
    UPDATE: We are now on 1,900 daily website visits in month 5. Here are the strategies that we've been using to scale (Free access). Let's grow together.
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    I agree with the 5 dollars daily. You will get a steady few likes. However, I think free likes are preferable. Live Youtube stream chats, while silly, can also help in the right one. Good luck.
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    You can sure get FB likes and twitter follow for your college football chat blog if you've got some money to spare. That would be the easiest.
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    After studying more than 100 pages for's blog, my thoughts on facebook engagement are:
    - have a consistency in posting, focus on quality, good posts.
    - cross-promoting the campaign from different channels. You could create an IG account with lovely pics.
    - give something to your community: discounts, contest, special offers.
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    I think you can buy it.
    If you you use facebook ads
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    This article lists down some ways to increase facebook likes and that to FREE
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    Have you tried boosting?
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    you can use the paid service for getting likes..
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    thanks for the information dude...
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