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Suggest me best solutions to increase relevant people on my facebook page!!
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    Join a facebook group related to your product. Post regularly. Tag more people. Ask your friends to tag their friends as well.
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    Join groups on facebook
    Like for Like
    Like 4 Like
    And keep posting your product images on that groups. And ask for likes.
    Let me know if it helped you.

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  • 1. You can join Facebook group related your services or products
    2. Share informative content, video, images
    3.Include a Call to Action
    4. Post regularly
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      Originally Posted by buysoundcloudlikes View Post

      1. You can join Facebook group related your services or products
      2. Share informative content, video, images
      3.Include a Call to Action
      4. Post regularly
      If you include a CTA won't this look like your Spammy?
      I saw a video from a guy who was saying do this but he didn't add a CTA until he had many likes, but I thought "Isn't that a bit late"
      So not too sure about this method.
      Anyone else?
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    - Adding humor, adding your story, and getting more personal are still effective methods for growing your FB community.
    - Video is really working well on most Pages.
    - Posting less but posting consistently is a good strategy.
    - Always focus on good quality posts that inspire, entertain, or help your audience.
    - Study your competitive FB pages with
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    There are many ways you can achieve this and that too totally free.
    Read this:
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    Advertisements, Spend some time with facebook ads and target users that fall in your niche.
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  • For increasing likes on Facebook, you need to the following things:

    1 - Create a blog related to your services and share those blog contents regularly on Facebook, but remind one thing that the content should be informative and high quality.

    2 - Join on different relevant groups and share content on a regular basis.

    3 - Without paid advertising its too difficult to expand your online presence on Facebook and increase like. So take the benefits of paid advertising services.

    4 - Don't forget to use # tag during post.

    5 - Quality design also can attract more visitors towards your profile. So try your best for quality design in post.

    Hope these above points will help you to increase your Facebook like organically.
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    Few of the quick tips to increase likes would be to
    1. Do a paid advertising
    2. Post often
    3. Use Interactive images and videos
    4. Share Relevant news or industry updates
    5. Ask questions or arrange competitions
    6. Keep inviting people
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    Facebook ads.

    Run an ad campaign that targets likes. With proper targeting, US-based likes can be had for as low as $0,10 or even lower. That means a budget of $50/month can grow your page by 500-700 fans per month. Bigger budget = bigger fan base faster.

    It's really that simple...
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    join some groups Like for Like, Like 4 Like so that you can increase your fan page likes..
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    you can use some tools for that or you can give some good contents so that many will get interest for your page by doing this you can get many likes for your page..
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