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Anyone pay fitness IG accounts for shout-outs?

I'm looking at a fitness account that has a bunch of accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers.

I looked through the followers list and of course, many are Indians or other IG accounts trying to promote, but many are legit fitness fans.

I'm currently talking with them through DM and they are selling their shit like mad lol, promising all kinds of things. They say they guarantee followers which is dumb because how can I even enforce that? But they offer shout-outs, direct messaging to their followers, promising from 300 all the way to 5000 followers depending on which direct message you buy.

He's about to tell me how much it costs, separating the replies into many messages in order to build up to it. Already sounds very scammy.

In the last message he said that there's a button to take your money back for 24 hours in case you're not satisfied.

Anyone ever do something like this? I'll let you know how much it costs as soon as he tells me.
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    So it's $30 for a 24hr shout out. $50 for 4 pics. $150 for shout out on all of their pages.

    And there are other items like their daily message shout out for 5 days: $139
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    I would not try DM service better go for 24 hr post and see how it goes for you.
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    I would but only if I knew it paid off quick because i usually sell my book for $3, so it would take many sales just to break even.

    Has anyone else tried this?
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    i dont pay for that.....
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    dont buy shoutouts and all ..they are waste of time and waste of money...dont waste your money..
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