Why does one of my FB posts have huge reach number compared to the rest?

by philbu
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Newbie here. Page is only about 6 weeks old, average reach for posts is about 10, Reactions/Comments/Shares are even lower, but a couple posts stand out. The best one has a reach of 1.2k, 56 reactions, 16 comments, 15 shares. Why does that one posts stand out so?


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    Could simply be because the content on that one page is more engaging than the others or interests your target market more. Have any of your posts been boosted?

    Hope this helps
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      Thanks for the reply. : ) No, we haven't boosted any of out posts, our audience is local and our group is informational, more like a non-profit.
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    As if we can answer that who knows share your posts and maybe we can help you with it.
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    It's hard to know because we don't know what the post is about. Facebook loves engagement so this particular post in question has obviously got more engagement attraction than the others.

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    Could you give the details, like how the content of this post was different from others. Probably, the title would be more attractive or it could be related to some latest happening.
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    Might be it has more engaging content. Or the content is relevant to some recent topic. It's the content that matters.
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    I would suggest you read this thread then edit what you wrote so you can get help or I close it!

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    may be their title would be very catchy or their thumbnail or their video content..this is how they get huge number of reach..
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    if some one is having more likes than yours then they are having some good stuffs in their page and post..
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