How to get traffic from reddit?

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How can I get traffic from reddit?
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    Originally Posted by channabgc View Post

    Any can help me to get to know how to get traffic from reddit?

    Why is this complicated?
    1. Follow their rules.
    2. Post something people want.
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    Yeah follow the rules and try to only promote your link. Give the community what it wants and you will be able to drive a lot of traffic.
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    A site with a 4 in it lol seriously though know your audience write an interesting or heated topic

    get some people stalking you by commenting to them etc before starting the thread.

    Ready To Go DropShip Websites

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    Participate in forum by liking, commenting and you can also share interesting post. - investors group
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    You have to share their passions! But more importantly, you have to share their hatred for self-promotion. Only share something with the community if you think it's awesome.

    That's exactly what everyone else on the reddit does! It doesn't matter where the content comes from, even if it's from your own site.

    After I realized this, I started to use reddit normally. I interacted on the site, posted cool links that I found and upvoted other posts. Just as the average redditor would do.
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    Please go through this article:

    Hope this helps
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  • I am not able to submit my link on Reddit as it say you have low karma's and comments. Also it says you must have at least 10 karma points and 10 comments points. I an totally confused how to increase these two. Please help.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Choose A Relevant Subreddit. This is the most important step. It's basically a topic section where users can discuss just about anything you can think of. For instance, there's a subreddit called "Business" where users post links, text, or tidbits of business advice.
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    This is the strategy for reddit.
    Watch for 1 month, what kind of posts are shared and commented more
    Join related groups and be active few weeks.
    Now, create a content or video on most shared or most discussed topic.
    Then share it on all related groups with some interval.
    You will get plenty of traffic.
    (Reddit also has paid advertiseing but it may be little expensive)
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  • thanks for the post dude..
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