Selling digital services on Facebook buy/sell groups

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Has anyone tried selling digital services (e.g. logo design) on FB groups?
Do you consider this a good place to promote such services or is it only good for physical items?
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    yes its best place to promote and get interested traffic,
    but if you can promote digital services in the groups.
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    Facebook is a good platform for buying and selling but you will only get very exclusive if the group is not crowded too much, moderated properly and you have some good influence on the members.
    Otherwise your posts will fall deep down.
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    Hello, I have tried selling digital services Like Guest Posting, SEO Content Wrting etc. I consider, Its also a good place to promote such services.
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    No, doubt it's a good place to sell these things as well. Have used Groups to sell Logo Design and have seen people advertising for these services.
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    It's a very good place. You can continue using it for your purpose, without thinking twice. I sold Guest posting services.
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      If the group as a lot a people, it could be a problem, because your post most likely will be forgotten with so many others. Be specific on the group choice, to avoid this.

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    ya it is the best place to sell these kind of product can promote your products there...
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    dude this is good using facebook you can sell products easily..
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