Are Facebook Pages worthwhile to make money?

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I want to get into online marketing with affiliate links, but don't really want to manage a blog...

I started a Facebook page and did a 1 day $5 ad (still running) that promotes my ebates referral code and have gotten some engagement on it (no referrals from it yet)

I want to increase the followers on this page, but then what? Is this a good direction to take or should I build a website? I've tried the website/blog thing and I just hate selecting a niche.
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    Facebook, in general, is one of the best platforms to advertise. You can use your FB page to create good and helpful content to build relationships with the audience. You can also pay to promote the page or simply to use FB Ads.

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    It all depends on what your objective is. Building a Brand on Facebook and driving organic traffic can be a tough go. Getting fans and then getting them to come back can be even tougher. But some marketers out there do an awesome job at this.

    Until recently the best use for Fanpages for the average marketer was a quick way to run FB Ads.

    But with the new Messenger Bot functionality you can now capture anyone who contacts your page and put them in a message series just like an email autoresponder. This has tremendous monitization potential.

    But as always for this or any other marketing strategy to work you must provide value your subscribers.
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      Good Day I saw a response you made and if you have time can you answer a? My daughter is a student athlete at NYU and building a brand through Facebook and Instagram she has a good amount of Insta followers and is building a very good Facebook following now. she has a great engagement rate on insta above 12% my question so can she capture the visitors to her Facebook page and send an auto responder Insta message inviting them to like the page of to visit her insta page? Thanks for taking the time to read this! and make it a great day
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    See if you do now want to select a niche, it will be very difficult for you to target the right audience. What niche does is allow you to make focused posts that increase engagement. Also going all out will not help your viewers either to understand what you are talking about.

    A post or a well-directed ad will ensure good results. Also, a Facebook page is enough if your target audience is the one using FB, but this again works well if you have a targeted niche.

    If you are sure to find the audience on FB, make sure you post frequently using attracting captions and images, Use Facebook instant articles to post your blogs. It will help your audience to know you better.
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      What I've posted so far is motivational/entrepreneurial quotes. I think I'm going in the direction of saving money, making money, pursuing your goals... if that makes sense lol. This is why I don't want to do a blog because I don't know how to translate what I'm trying to accomplish into writing, but I'm able to do it with using images and videos.
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        Images work, however sharing something original once in a while and at the right time with an image will make life better.
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          I would say post something that could generate some controversy too. That will break the routine a little bit.

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  • Sure, social media is the one of the major platform for advertising your products. For which your product should be very unique and interesting one which are easily grabbed by people only in such case social media can be fruitful to you which can be either FB, Twitter, Instagram etc.
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    Social Media is the answer. Use facebook, pinterest, instagram etc.
    Facebook has paid campaign to promote your product.
    But make sure you avoid spamming. Facebook often suspends user's account if they suspect some spam.
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    yes it is worth having a facebook page...and you can maintain that page properly and try to make money out that..
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    ya dude it is worth ...
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    A lot of social media marketing, of course, comes down to raising brand awareness. Your Facebook 'likes' are a good indicator of your popularity online, but it's click-throughs that you're really after. So, does paying for Facebook ads really boost either of these?

    You can check some courses online for that.
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    I agree with Frank, it depends on what your objective is. I would suggest you have a domain at least, you don't have to make it into a blog, but the reason you'd want to do that is this:

    1) Use the domain to make a landing page at least. You can direct your FB page traffic to your site and collect leads and build your list

    2) You'd make your FB ads budget a HECK of a lot more effective because you could then retarget your traffic in your ads account with tracking pixels. I don't think you can do this unless you have at least a landing page to put tracking into.

    Hope this helps
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    in my view i think facebook is one of the best way to make money in social its worth doing it...
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