Earn money with this kind of instagram?

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How can I earn money with an instagram account?
I do not post pictures of myself, it is a site about facts, so cooperation with companies is not possible...
What do you think?

Thank you :-)
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    I personally use Instagram to provide value to my audience. I also add a link to a landing page in the bio description with an offer. Offer before you receive!

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    I see this many times online, people asking how they can make money on Instagram or You tube. quite frankly the question should be how you can use instagram or you tube to grow your brand if not promoting your personal brand..
    People go online for two reasons
    1 - Looking for Information Like you have done
    2 - Looking for Entertainment
    So if you want to make money you have to do one or both of the above.
    I have seen people make sales on instagram but it's not an effective way of making money,because you need to actually have to build a business. And quite honestly its not a smart move building a business on someone's platform is it?
    If you really want to make money online you need three simple steps.
    1 Target
    2 cultivate
    3 convert
    so to do the above things you need to first:
    1 - build a list
    2 -Build a relationship
    3 -Make money rinse and repeat.
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    Selling shout outs can possibly be an avenue for monetizing your instagram once you have a big enough real life audience.

    Buy Sell Shoutouts
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    depends on number of followers you have ..
    you can promote clickbank products if you have a big insta account ..
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    First increase the number of followers. I had same question few days back.
    This link helped me a lot
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    its totally depends on number of followers you have...the more followers you have the more you can earn..
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    thanks for the post dude...
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