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I started an apparel business in June that features headwear solely, but moving into head to toe apparel. We get decent traffic and sales on our online site, but I know there are basics I am missing out on.

What are the musts pertaining to social media marketing? I have a Facebook and IG page, but feel like I am not optimizing them completely. What should I be doing with these to fully capitalize?

What additionally has helped you all drive traffic and gain followers on your respective Social Media platforms?

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    Pinterest is a good traffic source. You can create boards for your products. Pinterest is also dominating the SERPs right now so it is best if you can take advantage.
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    majority of the people come to social media to get connected. They may not show interest to buy your product. I would say concentrate on Search traffic (Google specifically) Than concentrating more social media traffic. Google search results give more conversions (sales) than social media.
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    Snapchat works pretty well for driving traffic. You should try it
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    IG should be a good source of leads and traffic:
    - Follow your followers
    - Get good pictures, think of virality, photos people may want to share.
    -Buy some IG ads. Target your audience, no matter how small, again, think of virality, they will share it if you aim right.
    - Use the stories so set a "lifestyle" around your brand.
    - Facebook, Pinterest, are great also, buy ads, target your customers, post daily.

    Hope it helps!
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      hi Jeandevenish,
      for the ig ads, did you, or anyone here tried to place ig ad on facebook ad manager, but did not have much effect on increasing your followers and likes for the posts?

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    My case is, I could drive more sales (a bit, but better than nothing) and traffic from social media (80% from facebook) instead of google ads, because i am selling hair product, the avg. monthly search for those keywords are little, so i tried target by interest and topic on google adwords, it works but not stable. um....
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    Do not stick to one platform. Make use of social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, pinterest and facebook. Good Luck.
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    To drive traffic I m using FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

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      Man, create a blog and share it, it is an underrated but powerful tool to drive traffic via social media, whether it's Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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    I've been using Pinterest as a strong source of free targeted traffic. Pinterests will have boards that support any niche. What I like about Pinterest is there's no dates. Who likes to share old content? With no dates on Pinterest, this means our content has the potential to be Re-pinned over and over again.
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    Instagram ,twitter , pinterest is a high traffic source

    How to get more views on Youtube video?

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    I've recently start to use Pinterest and it's been amazing
    Lots of quality and targeted traffic there
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      what kind of product you are selling?
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    Social Media is the biggest waste of time IMO.

    I can make one tweet for any major term there is, it's instantly #1 on the main page for that term, it does very little.

    So if you're not a big celeb with 50 mil followers no one sees your tweet.

    No one uses Twitter to search do what I can do does nothing n we have 300 Twitter accounts all tied to age sites with huge content numbers.

    Traffic comes from Google, organic or ppc, 15 years ago it was Yahoo, 20 yrs ago AV and 22 yrs ago infoseek.

    I was reluctant to do SM 10 years ago, dragged my feet, I wish we never did it, I'd rather have put the time n dough into assets, more domains and content development.

    My 2 cents
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      Facebook is great since most of the world`s population in there, but if you are going to advertise on FB you need to make sure you read the policy about ads, before you do something stupid and get banned.

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    twitter traffic is also a great thing in social media ..
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