FB ad fraud - Lots of clicks, no traffic to website.

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What do I do about this?

I ran a short campaign with the 'Traffic' selection, split testing two ad sets (one for clicks and the other for impressions) and got hundreds of 'Link clicks' for which I was charged for, but ZERO visits to my website!

What is weird is that I ran a similar campaign the other day to another website and got the traffic, but this campaign just got nothing.

I tried looking for any sort of contact info to get in touch with FB about it and of course they have NO phone number and NO email address to write to, and the email I had for them from last year they no longer reply to.

What the heck do I do about this??
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  • I totally understand your skepticism as it is the most common feeling someone gets when starting doing campaigns on Facebook. However, keep in mind that Facebook is effectively used by millions of people without any problem. You just have to spend a considerable amount of money/time to start experiencing some ROI. Finally, you should consider of either jump into a program or hire a freelancer that won't break your budget and will save you money. Feel free to message me should you have anything more specific to discuss or if you don't know where to start from.
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    So basically you payed Facebook Ads to run a campaign
    to get people to come to your website or a specific link..

    Money got taken out but no one clicked your ad,

    To be totally honest there can be many fault with this,

    1- May be the ad was not very catchy or clear
    2- The people who saw your ad where not interested in your niche

    People go on facebook to get entertained and not to be sold to.

    I would consider trying a different method like video ad that catches
    cold traffic with indirect message,
    every time people view your video ad have it setup
    to build them in a new campaign,
    Those who saw 50% or more of your video.

    Re-run the ad different ad with your warm traffic with more clarity

    test an tweak and try to see how that might work out.
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    Neither of you addressed the actual issue, which is that FB claims I got clicks yet I received no traffic from them. This isn't a problem with the campaign set up or the website, it's a problem with the FB ad system. This is straight up click fraud. Explain how it isn't.

    Then tell me what I can possibly do about it when there is no way to contact them to resolve the situation.

    I've decided that FB is selective and doesn't like this particular site, despite there being no obvious things wrong with it.
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    it is really discusting o hear this..
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    yes this happens very often..they make money out of that..
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    hmmm something is definitely not right about this. I read a while back that someone had issues with their ads on FB saying that their ads were disabled and they had contact Fb and has email exchanges. Facebook's support email sometimes require advanced science just to find it.
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    this gives more details about this...
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