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by cy61
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Hi everyone ! I am working on a men's grooming brand for half year and struggling to grow the business. Here are the problems that I've come across.


1. To increase brand IG followers - apart from interacting more with the audience and amend hashtag, there is some service like, which provides growth of your followers (real people and not fake accounts) Is that the usual way to go for other brands as well?

2. I find that placing ads on IG through Facebook Ad Manager cannot generate any followers and engagement on other non-boosted posts, and it seems only useful for driving traffic to the website. Is that true? Or do I need to "boost post" on IG on mobile directly?

3. Do you think sharing the post to FB from IG or adding IG link on the Facebook post, could help growing followers on IG? Because if I use HootSuite it would separate Facebook and IG followers.

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    1.) A lot of brands use sites like that to gain followers, but on a few of them the followers aren't guaranteed (they give you a list of people who might like your content so you follow them and hope that they follow back) so watch out for this. It could be useful but I wouldn't invest too much in it

    2.) Partly, it depends on what your CTA is, but most PPC adverts send the audience through to a website.

    3.) It might do. It's a good idea to promote your social media accounts across different platforms (such as posting a link to your Instagram on Facebook) so that could work.

    Hope this helps
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      its very useful ! thansk =)
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