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Hi there,

Nowadays everyone is busy on social media and all the best marketers are also talking up the benefits of this. But if a person is a local small business owner and doesn't want to spend the money on social media then will he also get the same benefits?

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    Start Slow. Create FB and G+ pages for your business. Post relevant posts and invite friends to like / share your content. Once you get into the skin of the game, you will know where to advertise and how to make money.
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    Social media ads aren't a necessity - you can still advertise without spending tonnes.

    I'd set up pages/accounts on all relevant social media sites to begin with and see how much engagement you get from those.

    If you feel you're ready to try social media adverts, start small - don't create a huge campaign that'll cost loads, test the waters first.

    Here's a blog on Facebook Ads that'll give you some more information: Facebook ads: are they really worth our time? - Shortlist Marketing - B2B Lead Generation Experts

    Hope this helps
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    If he doesnot wants to spend money on Social Media then things could be definitely slow for me as far as social media is concerned.
    Why? Because you will have to spend extra time on targeting right user within your area while if you are going to use facebook adverts then facebook will do that for you. and many more things will block you.
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    Yes, without spending money on social media, it is possible to get benefits from it.

    For that you will have to create page on social media platform for the business and build strong network related to it. After doing it, share information related to business, its products etc.
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      Not spending money on advertisement means a large time frame to get results and more effort.
      By doing paid advertisement you basically trade time and effort for money.

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        That is also true that organic efforts for social media takes time compared to paid advertising.
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    Social media can work well with local businesses especially Facebook.
    I have know hairdressers who have gained virtually all of their business from Facebook by uploading photos and videos and interacting with their customers.

    Youtube should also work well. I know videos rank very well because Google owns Youtube and I have seen quite a lot of local businesses' videos in the top of search results, so they must work well.

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    You can always buy good expose from social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. It does not cost much, but it won`t lead to actual sales either. However, it will definitely make you look more established.
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    Start with google, facebook and twitter promotion. It's not very time consuming and is easy too. You can do this while traveling or commuting etc.
    Look for options on google that will guide you how to do it.
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    Social Media Marketing Ideas For A Local Business:

    1. Photo Contests
    2. Engage in popular hashtags
    3. Post Social Media Content Weekly
    4. Advertise on Facebook
    5. Write Blog Articles Weekly
    6. Customer Support
    7. Community outreach
    8. Local events
    9. Local partnerships
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    Mate: Your question contradicts itself.

    If you plant a seed you will reap fruits. If you don't plant a seed, you will not reap fruits. So, you will have to buy fruits from other vendors in the market.

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    So there is sense if:
    1) You have competitors;
    2) you plan to expand in the future;
    3) Want to improve communication with the audience;
    4) you want to know about you.
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    If you're good enough, you win.

    Like everyone else suggest - start slow and just do free marketing/low cost:

    You Tube
    IG/FB Stories
    Meet Ups
    Local Events
    Coupon Programs

    Don't be afraid to test things and try stuff out.

    Spend some time Direct Messaging people who like similar services and products. Do your research. Hang out on twitter and join in on conversations. Be apart of the community you're in and establish yourself as someone of authority.
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    If he is not active on social media when how will he or his business get benefited. It can be benefited if someone else is posting on behalf of him or someone posting positive review on behalf of him.
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    Try Facebook , post in local groups and communities
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    Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing. One of the key components of SMM is social media optimization (SMO). SMM helps a company get direct feedback from customers while making the company seem more personable. The interactive parts of social media give customers the opportunity to ask questions or voice complaints and feel they are being heard. This aspect of SMM is called social customer relationship management.
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    Social media marketing is not necessary for all...Whoever needs can use that for their business development..
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    You can create a Facebook account and join some relevant groups. I hope it will help you to develop your business.
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