Could I have made any cash with an FB fan page with 100k likes?

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Could I have made any cash with a facebook page with over 100k likes
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    You only make any cash if you are promoting something, for instance, an affiliate product or your own products.

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    with 100K likes, You can make money with affiliate marketing. But you need to have a website with landing page.
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    it was a page for people to post about where they are going out ie bars clubs I was thinking to charge bars clubs to promote them on the page
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    If you 'could have made money' with the FB page - why didn't you?

    You sold the page - it was your decision. (does FB policy allow that?) No point in asking "what if". Start a new page and build it up so you CAN make money with it.
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    Maybe if you are promoting something like products that might work.
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    Yes of course you could have monetised this FB traffic. The quickest and easiest way would have been to have an affiliate link targeted to your main audience.

    Best regards, Kathleen
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    You can leverage that traffic in your favor by promoting either a product or service
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    may be you can make money from that by promoting any products or sites..,
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    by getting likes i dont think you can get money...
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