Suggestions for automated social media software or service

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Yes I searched Google so please don't just post a Google link.

I'd prefer a Clickbank product if possible.

I'm looking for a product or service to submit my rss feeds to as many social media sites as possible including the big ones.

I know I'm about to get inundated with offers and affiliate links and I expect that and will do some filtering. Hootsuite doesn't impress me due to its UI. Dlvr it seems a little limited. I'm looking for something like socialmonkee accept automated to pick up my feed and like I said with the big social networks included.

Any advice, especially based on experience is greatly appreciated.

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    If you want to make the most out of social media, you must allot some time to make it more human. Social media like FB and Twitter have their own schedulers so you can schedule posts in advance. Your $, you may allot them in running ads to get real interactions.
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    IFTTT is probably one of the best service for what you are looking for and it is actually free. Most people don't use it because they are scared of the time that it will take to learn it. However, it is actually very easy to understand. The clickbank / JVZoo products that you are looking for are mostly JUNK. I should know, I have a few of them. They either don't work or they'll work for a few months and stop due to lack of support.
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    IFTTT can really come handy for you. You can easily create tons of recipes to keep your profiles activated always.
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    i think IFTTT will be more useful for you..
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    I actually purchased a software from CodeCanyon to do just that. It's called Midrub. If you don't want to do it yourself, I opened my install up for anyone to sign up and use.
    Social Media Scheduling and Management Designed for YOU | Flamingify
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    dude try IFTTT ...this has the feature of automating social media..
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    i always use IFTTT for social media automation
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    IFTTT stands for "if this, then that." This extremely handy free service lets you connects apps, tools, and Internet-connected devices without knowing any code. It's an Editors' Choice winner for productivity services.
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    IFTTT is the best...for social media automation..
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    Hi Rick,

    One thing to keep in mind; if you are not active on these networks, engaging folks, sharing other blogger's content, your links will be ignored. Just had to add as many bloggers go set it and forget it automating wise and then everybody on those social networks forgets or ignores their links

    Automate, then get super active promoting other bloggers, commenting on blogs and building friendships. Makes your links much more clickable.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad at Blogging From Paradise
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    IFTTT can be used for automation. But, be careful with hashtags. Anyone's photo with your specified tag will "trigger" the recipe and spread across your media (voice of experience)
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