I need some ideas for Instagram content

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Hey everyone,

I could really use some help /ideas for what to post on Instagram, specifically for my b2b business of website design and management.

Right now it's only motivation posts, but like I honestly am not sure what else to post consistently. Things that would build brand awareness and help grow my account and my business.
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    It's kind of hard to give ideas just like that. Ideas are great to have when you know who you are targeting and what do you want people to do.

    IG is not easy for B2B because it was meant to be used (at first) by photographers to share their pics with peers.

    So it is a sharing social media. Sharing (normally) beautiful and nice things.

    You sell services so is not that easy.

    What would I do, I would first:
    - Know who my audience is
    - Decide what my goal and business advantage is?
    - Ask myself: Are my clients on Instagram?

    After solving those questions, ideas may be asked.
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    Find the other people on Instagram that are the biggest. Look at what they are doing.

    Don't plagiarize, be 100% unique.

    Then, look for things in your industry that are controversial. Post about those.

    Trick photography can also get lot's of shares. Things where it blows peoples minds.
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    Aesthetics is the name of the game in Instagram.

    Hire good looking representatives preferably the model types, one male one female.

    Hire a good photographer.

    Upload business related pictures that have eye-catching aesthetics with your model. It's up to you how you are going to insert your business information in there.

    Ride along the trends, even the non-business related trends and just integrate it into your posts.
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    its kind of hard to use Instagram for b2b, more of a b2c tool
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    Most users I see on instagram utilizes that platform to provide a personal feel for their brand. It more or less serves as a behind the scenes look into what goes on in the business.

    I'm not sure if posting there can build brand awareness but you can look into posting some screenshots of what you're currently working on or some finished designs so people can see what type of work you can do for them. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: https://www.instagram.com/bluroon/
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    Yeah creating content over Instagram is really a very hard task and should be done care.
    Since only 1 high quality content can help you boost your account to a very high position.
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    This article gives you the lists of contents that really work on Instagram. Go through them. You can get more ideas.
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    These blogs definitely helps in improving your Instagram content posting skills. All you need have to go through above shared posts and thoroughly read each blog. These blog posts tells you how to increase your business growth with the help of quality Instagram content.
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  • Instagram is all about posting high resolution pictures targeted to your niche. Try to follow some large Instagram accounts based on your niche and get an idea what type of description they are adding for their posts. Not to mention, hashtags are important, too. You can even outsource Instagram contents from fiverr,com
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  • While it is obvious that you should post high clarity posting only quote won't make it for your B2B business.

    Typically these are few Instagram post ideas that drive engagement. They are Tangential Content which means content that is relevant to your niche like a sports apparel company sharing pictures of sports star, asking people to vote for their fav star, A car type manufacturing firm sharing a video about how to keep your wheel and types safe, a travel agency sharing images about best tourists spots in particular location.Brand centric posts don't get you customers. They might send bad signals users like you only want to market.

    Customers or Clients images, share images, messages and websites details of your customers. This looks very authentic people can directly go and check your previous customers sites.

    Share Latest News and trending topic in your niche, This keeps your audience updated.

    Product Features this might seem no-brainer but sometimes it really helps people to fall in love with your product and services.

    UGC: User Generated Content. All that you do is for users, so sharing their views about niche market, sharing solutions to their problem and sharing their feedback (positive) can really increase not just your followers, also Customers.
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    Thanks this information is useful for me..I will use this tips.
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    To grow your influence on Instagram and for you to standout, you need to constantly post images that fit with your brand or theme and anything that highlights your creativity or uniqueness. Here is a list of ideas:
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